“The Chascona” House of Pablo Neruda

Chascona, one of the houses of the Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda.

Chascona, one of the houses of the Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda.

This house takes the nickname of the woman who accompanied the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda during his last years, and whose real name was Matilde Urrutia. It is a unique place where the creative genius of Pablo Neruda is perceived in the objects that decorate it and that in many cases inspired some verse of the great Chilean writer.

The Chascona is one of the colorful houses of Pablo Neruda. Today it lodges the Pablo Neruda Foundation. In 1952, the poet, next to his woman Matilde Urrutia (the Chascona) chose this discreet place by “the music of a channel and a slope” that was then.

The house climbs up the slope of the Cerro San Cristóbal and in its peculiar architecture, created by Neruda, the oldest construction imitates a boat and the rooms communicate through the garden. In its interior an important art gallery is conserved; many of the pictures were painted by friends of the poet, like Siqueiros, Rivera and others.

In addition, many objects chosen by the infinite curiosity of Neruda in his trips around the world are conserved. Contiguous to the museum, another house lodges the administrative library of Neruda and offices.

There are guided visit. The schedule is from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 18:30 hours. The general entrance is of $2.000; children, students and elderly people $900; languages tour $3,000). The attention is by arrival order. Numerous groups and schools must reserve with time.

The Chascona is located in Fernando Márquez de la Plata Street 019 in Providencia, Santiago.