Cajón del Maipo

Maipo River in Cajón del Maipo, Chile

Maipo River in Cajón del Maipo, Chile

Cajon del Maipo is just one hour distance from Santiago. For those who wish to escape from the city and to enjoy the tranquility of mountains is a perfect getaway site, favorite of climbers, hikers and nature lovers. Hiking, climbing, cavalcades,rafting, mountain bike, wine tours, bath camping and picnic are some of the things you can do in Cajon del Maipo.


In order to arrive from Santiago, leave the city by Américo Vespucio South. In the Departmental round, it takes the road to the Vizcachas until the crossing that takes to the Cajon Del Maipo, again towards left.

To make this trip you require a 4×4 car, specially on winter season and you wish to further explore the mountain range zone.

Towns in Cajon del Maipo

La Obra locality, the front door of the commune of San Jose de Maipo, where it is the Hostelry and restaurant of tourism the Toucan, with good international and typical food.

Canelo: From here is possible observe the Purgatory hill, (8.090,55 feet), and to taste wines produced by the vine Altos del Canelo.

El Manzano town, which was born around a station of the old railroad that came from Puente Alto to the Volcano. Visit the Chapel and Parochial House, declared national monument, of the ex-Ranch El Manzano. Towards the north of this locality, in the sectors the Torrecillas, Palestra and Piedra Romel, climbing can be practiced.

Guayacán, counts with a restaurant and cafeteria, where you can taste exquisite pies accompanied by hot chocolate. Immediately later is the Guayacán Field Club, an excellent hotel with restaurant. In the proximities it is the Park the Heroes.

San Jose de Maipo with an altitude of 3.172,57 feet is a town seated in a plain, founded by Ambrosio O’Higgins in July 16 of 1792. Originally it considered a layout of 9 streets and 27 apples (91,86 yards by side), with the traditional central square. Its notorious constructions of mud and straw, its church and Parochial House, declared national monument and constructed in colonial style. All the constructions existing throughout the layout have been declared National Monument: conserved stations, bridges, embankments, tunnel, pony water and some rolling pieces of traction. This station lodges to the Municipal Library, while the warehouses have become a Cultural Hall. The water pony acts like a tourist information bureau. Due to its natural attractive the commune was declared in 2001 Zone of Tourist Interest.

El Melocoton, it was born of the necessity of filled with paste for the animals that come down of the mountain range and was named like after the abundance of damascos (peaches) in the area.

San Alfonso, on 3.638,45 feet of altitude, is a very calm town, with some houses of summering. It has a beautiful mountain range view.

Cajón del Maipo, near Santiago

Cajón del Maipo, near Santiago


Hostelry San Jose with cabins, restaurant and a great swimming pool.

Hostelry Millahue, in the middle of a native park, with excellent equipment. Two km ahead is the restaurant and tearoom the Walnuts of Roan-Jase.

Picnic zone El Manzano. Previous payment you can accede to this ranch of beautiful pre-mountain range vegetation, surrounded by high hills snow-covered in spring.

Cascada de las Animas Sanctuary counts with cabins, swimming pool, zone of picnic, camping, restaurant and service of excursions like cavalcades, long walks and rafting, and the Vine los Nietos, that produces in traditional form delicious chicha of torontel grape, sweet wine, pipeño (wine of white grape without leaking), amaretto and liquors of nut, hoist and raspberry. is open All the year, Tuesday to Sunday of 9:30 to 18:30 hours.

Eco-touristy Center the Toyo counts with swimming pools, boundary of fishing, lodging and restaurant.

Villa of the Valley, mountain bath with cabins apart-hotel type, small hostelries and villagers who offer lodging.

Refuge the Valdés, hotel and restaurant, trekking, cavalcades, scaling on rock and ice, among others are available. The lunches in its terrace offer a splendid view of snow-covered summits.

***Especially on weekends is highly recommendable to reserve lodging, many of them have the option to ask for complete meals, or if you go by the day, to reserve a table in a restaurant. ***


Passed San Jose de Maipo, a deflection of 9,94 miles takes to the Ski Center of Lagunillas. Upwards by the cordilleran gorges the road is boxed, between peumos, boldos, aromos and poplars.

Leg of the Devil“, geologic curiosity that imitates an enormous footprint printed on the rock, giving origin between the villagers to a rich mythology. It is a good place to go on a trip. Crossing the bridge you will be able to accede to the

Tinoco Tunnel, declared national monument, and the Park the Almendro with zones of picnic and camping and, seen to the town of El Ingeniero, to the other side of the river, where it will be able to prove candies and pies of the zone.

Cajón del Maipo, mountain range view.

Cajón del Maipo, mountain range view.

More ahead, it will pass through the Bollenar and in km 47 it will arrive at San Gabriel, arisen from the operation of old quarries and mines. It is possible to observe in slopes of bordering hills to the Cypress of the Mountain range (Austrocedrus chilensis). The houses are to 4.114,17 feet of height, on one old copper smelting. In winter, in the rolling of San Gabriel, it is possible to enjoy the snow. There is a forced control of Customs officers. Near to 1,24 miles it ahead in Romeral, is the Intersection that, to the left, takes to the Embalse El Yeso. Follow to the right and, a few meters beyond, it crosses the bridge on the Volcano River, of crystalline waters. In km 56 it will arrive at the Volcano, to 4.652,23 feet of altitude, surrounded by high mountains. It is originated thanks to the mining activity that existed in the place, where still can see old left machineries.

Morales Spas count with three thermal swimming pools 243C, two for adults and one for children, with yellow waters of high ferrous content, recommended for bone, muscular and skin affections. is open all year, from December to April, Monday of 8:30 to 16 hours, Tuesday to Sunday of 8:30 to 19:40 hours. Between May and November, Monday of 9:30 to 16 hours, Tuesday to Sunday of 9:30 to 18 hours. The value of the entrance gives the right to the use the dressing rooms, the swimming pools and a picnic area. The general entrance is of $2,000, minors of 10 years $500. Groups of more than 20 people, 20% discount. For strolls by the day the Hill baths and the spas of El Plomo, there are persons that offer these strolls from Morales Spas.

El Morado Natural Monument is a protected area of 7.435,40 acres, administered by Conaf. It is located between the 5.741,47 and 16,60 feet of altitude. Its name is for the dark color of the rock of the El Morado hill, of which the Morales matting is born. It count with a footpath of 4,97 miles that goes from the Administration to the base of the San Francisco glacier, to 8.038,06 of altitude, that it can be crossed on foot in 3 hours. For visits every day, the schedule of entrance from October to March is of 8:30 to 16:30 hours, April to September of 9 to 14:30 hours. The Schedule of attention in the Administration office is of 8:30 to 18:30 hours. The Administration reserves the right to prohibit the entrance by climatic reasons or not to count the visitor with the suitable protective equipment. The value of the daily entrance for young adults is of S1.500 and $500, elderly people have free entrance.

Spas Bath de Colinas. Are big natural wells with terraces form and yellowish mineral water, located to 8.202,10 feet of altitude, with temperatures that goes from 20° C to 60° C. These waters are good for the rheumatism and other ills and are open to the public from October. Take a bath while enjoy  the mountain range view and the small valley by where runs the Colina matting. It is opened from September to April. The Spas Bath de Colinas are located to 7,46 miles to the interior of the Valdés. The general entrance price is of $4,000, children of 6 to 14 years $2.000. From here is possible to make cavalcades to diverse lagoons of the mountain range.

Special celebrations in the Zone:

January -February: A theater festival summer take places in different localities, traveling all the weekends.

March the International Day of the Mountain is celebrated with the ascent in the El Morado Natural Monument .

May the Anniversary of the Naval Glories (21) in San Alfonso is celebrated.

July it is the Anniversary of the foundation (day 16) and is celebrated a popular celebration and rodeo in the media Luna of the town.

September the traditional parade of National Patriot Day is celebrated (day 17)

** Information related to Hours, Rates and Dates might change without any previous notice **