Casa Colorada

Casa Colorada is located in Santiago,Chile.

Casa Colorada is located in Santiago,Chile.

Declared National Monument in 1960, is one of the better conserved colonial houses in the city. The Casa Colorada owes its name to the red color of the stone sillar of first floor and to the red one of the stucco of the second. Here the Count on Conquest, Mateo de Toro and Zambrano lived, president of the First Government assembly in 1810. It lodges on its interior the Tourism Office of the Santiago Municipality, the Corporation of the Cultural Patrimony, the Vicente Huidobro Foundation and the Santiago Museum.

The Casa Colorada was constructed between 1769 and 1779 by the Portuguese teacher Joseph de la Vega, like house for Don Mateo de Toro y Zambrano. The retailer acquired the property of Graneros when the Jesuits were expelled, in 1767; he founded the last Mayorazgo (older soon priority) of the Colony, in 1789, and bought to Spanish Corona the title of Count of Conquest. The Casa Colorada broke with the architectonic standards of its time, because it was the only particular building of two floors, with a stone brick facade covered. The first floor was destined to the commercial activities of the family and the second, to the familiar area. By the vestibule of this house Don Mateo walk out the morning of the 18th of September of 1810. Accompanied by neighbors, he crossed on foot the square until the Palacio de la Real Audiencia and Real Treasury, where was named President of the First Governing assembly.

Of its original structure, the building only conserves the cascade of two floors that gives to the Merced Street. It was recovered in 1977 and at the moment the Casa Colorada is the better conserved colonial house of Santiago. In its interior it works, from 1981,

The Casa Colorada is located in the Merced Street in the middle of downtown Santiago number 860, just to half block of the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral of Santiago and the Edificio de Correos.

The museum counts with a book library and two exhibitions rooms. For visits, the schedule is from Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 18 hours; Saturday 10 to 17 hours, Sunday and holidays 11 to 14 hours. The entrance for adults is $500, children $200, elderly people $ 300.