Church and Convent of San Francisco

Church of San Francisco is located in Alameda Av. in downtown Santiago.

Church of San Francisco is located in Alameda Av. in downtown Santiago.

The Church of San Francisco was declared National Monument in 1951. In 1572 the first temple is constructed. Later, in XIX century, the architect Fermín Vivaceta raises the tower that today is known. In the major altar it is the image of the Virgin Del buen Socorro in polychrome and made in XVI century. The Church of San Francisco is the oldest manifestation of the architecture in the capital, is the only Santiago‘s building that dates from the XVI century and however the earthquakes and the transformations, conserves its primitive structure. This Church of “adobe” collapsed with the 1583’s earthquake; three years later the construction of the definitive quarry stone church begins, with the contribution of 1,000 pesos donated by Felipe II, which was finished in 1618.

The Church of San Francisco holds an immense historical value, since it was brought by the Spanish conqueror Pedro de Valdivia. In the subsoil the mortal remains of the architect Joaquin Toesca and Marina Ortíz de Gaete, Pedro de Valdivia’s wife, rest, among others. Contiguous to the church is that used to be the Cloister of San Francisco, which central yard is planted of trees and flowers. Here is the Museum of Colonial Art.

On its interior you found a beautiful cornice of mudéjar (Arabic) influence in the golden and polychrome ceiling, like also diverse and valuable images of saints of the Colony time and an interesting wood pulpit.

There are masses from Tuesday to Saturday of 8, 10, 12 and 19:30 hours. Sundays of 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 19:30 hours.