Club de la Unión in Santiago

Club de la Unión was declared Historical Monument in 1981.

Club de la Unión was declared Historical Monument in 1981.

In July 8th of 1864, the house of Joaquina Concha de Pinto, that was located in the Estado with Huerfanos street in downtown Santiago, was born the Club de la Unión, integrated in its beginnings by 60 people related by blood. In 1865 it changes of direction and is settles in the residence of Don Rafael Larrain Moxó. The Club de la Unión is an old social club, founded in 1864, which building was constructed between 1917 and 1925 by the architect Alberto Cruz Montt. It serves like seat of receptions of outstanding national and foreign personalities. Several Presidents of the Republic have been members of this institution.

In this club the most elegant celebrations of the Chilean aristocracy have been developed. It is the place where the social guidelines, the fashions and the customs were marked.

The Club de la Unión is characterized by its noticeable French style of principles of XX century. The harmony and elegance of its infrastructure turn it one of the most beautiful Chilean buildings. The walls are covered of green and white marble. The bar is another one of “places” of the Club. The bar is done of carved wood and the length of this one is the greatest one of the continent.In its elegant interior it has great halls, dining rooms, a tavern with a gigantic bar and one of the greatest private art galleries of the country.The library is one of the more important private collections of the country, since it counts with more than 17 thousand units.

There is other Club de la Unión located in El Golf area near to the most modern Santiago Chile hotels.

In order to be able to enter you must go accompanied of a member or must be associated of a club with reciprocity agreement.