Convent Museum of San Francisco in Santiago, Chile.

The Church of San Francisco is part of the Convent Museum of San Francisco.

The Church of San Francisco is part of the Convent Museum of San Francisco.

Located in downtown Santiago, right next to the Church of San Francisco. The entrance to the Museum of San Francisco leads to a precious central patio and garden of centennial trees (peumo, boldo, araucaria, paltos, cork oaks, magnolio, walnut, orange trees, camelios, olive tree, among others), birds and a fountain with fishes, is an oasis of peace and calm in the middle of the urban noises. Surrounded by corridor of Toscan arches, in these fresh murals with pictures of illustrious members of the Franciscan Order can be admired. It is enter to the Sacristy by the beautiful carved wood door of cedar; work of detailed Chilean artist of first half of XVII century, of Renaissance style with Arabic influences, was worked entirely by hand forming boxes  with streamlined flowers and other ornamentals motives.

As much in the church as in the museum there are many works of the colonial art that form a set of great aesthetic and historical value, the most important of Chile. Its collection is a synthesis of the Andean colonial art. Between some of the pieces, are paintings, sculptures, cabinet-maker, monuments, grille and bars works, gold and silver works, weaved and furniture.

The Series of San Francisco’s Life, composed by 54 linen cloths of great size that narrate with luxury details the life of the Santo in a Cuzqueñian atmosphere of the XVII century, in which a similarity between the Santo’s life and the Christ’s life is looks for is one of the highlights in the exhibit. The most valuable series that in Chile exists is the better conserved one of South America and was ordered by the San Francisco Convent to the Basilio Indian of Santa Cruz of Cuzco factory, and was painted between 1668 and 1684 like replica of the identical series that was executed for the Franciscan convent of Cuzco.

Other objects of value are the great linen cloth of the Genealogy of the Franciscan Order (of 107.81 by 13.52 feet), attributed to Peruvian painter Espinoza de los Monteros, painted in 1723, that is formed by 644 pictures of its members and respective shields. Also it emphasizes the 9 Series pictures that represent the Life of the Virgin; the 47 linen cloths of the San Diego Alcala’s Series and the one of San Pedro de Alcántara; the great cloth of Melchor Perez de Olguín and two works of Italian painter Angelino Medoro.

The Locksmith shop Room it has a complete and remarkable plate and Hispano-American locks collection of XVI to the XIX centuries.

The Church and the San Francisco’s Convent are testimonies of Chilean artistic history during the colonial period. Its architecture, of XVI and XVII centuries, presents elements that have remained in the traditional Chilean architecture, as the ceilings covered with roofing tiles, the corridors and inner yards.

The museum has a store for religious article sale and memories made with the same techniques of XVIII century Quito and Cuzco schools. For visits between November and February, the schedule is Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 13:30 hours and from 15 to 18:30 hours; Sunday and festive from 10 to 14 hours; and between March and October, is from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 13:30 hours and of 15 to 18 hours; Sunday and festive of 10 to 14 hours. The entrance is of $1,000, for children and students of $500.