Paseo Ahumada

Paseo Ahumada in downtown Santiago.

Paseo Ahumada in downtown Santiago.

This boulevard has been the main commercial artery from the Colonial times. It was transformed in pedestrian Boulevard in 1977 and was remodeled in 1999. At the moment it is the axis of greater social, commercial and functional activity of Santiago, which reunites, in its four blocks, great commercial stores.

This boulevard ends at the great artery of the Santiago city, the Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins Avenue, in front of the University of Chile and the Church of San Francisco buildings, turned into a museum.

The Paseo Ahumada is characterized by its restless activity and constant fluency  of  people who move quickly between musicians, mimes, jugglers, actors and street preaching. In working days mainly is visited by people who work in downtown, while Saturdays and Sundays the movement is more of families. In the first block – between the Alameda and Moneda Street it will find almost exclusively commerce and some bank branches. In the following block, between Moneda and Agustinas Street, it cannot pass inadvertent the exquisite scent to coffee of some of both concurred local the Caribbean Coffee or Haiti – where to all hour meet businessmen.

The block between Agustinas and Huerfanos street, tells you about the evolution of the Santiago‘s architecture between the 1920 and 1930 decades. Four important buildings constructed by the Siegel architect demonstrate it; the Bank of Chile (1925), a half of block, where it can visit the central hall with its traditional clock or be standing up in the access stairs to observe the boulevard; the buildings of the South east corners (1938) and northeast (1930) of Agustinas street and the imposing building of the ex Crillón Hotel (1917), in French style, located in the northwest corner of Agustinas. Was symbol of luxury at last times, where the most illustrious visitors lodged. In the ground floor the Crillón Gallery, adorned with great lights, a stained glass and a pergola, where fine jewelry shops have settled, exclusive chocolate stores, boutiques and silver shops.