Rio Clarillo National Reserve

View of Rio Clarillo in the National Reserve, Chile

View of Rio Clarillo in the National Reserve, Chile

Rio Clarillo National Reserve is situated in the pre mountain range of the central zone to the Southeastern of Santiago, in the commune of Pirque. Its surface is 32.580,84 acres of land with altitudes that vary between 2.788,71 and 11.482,94 feet of altitude.

Rio Clarillo National Reserve was created with the purpose of conserving and recovering natural atmospheres of the central zone of Chile. Rio Clarillo National Reserve is located in one of the hot spots of the planet, lodges to a set of endemic alive beings which are under strong threats.

The Clarillo River runs transparent between peculiar rocks of formation, with natural wells to refresh without danger.

Suitable for visitors all year long, it has areas equipped for picnic, distributed in 1,86 miles in both shores of the river; a developing arboretum with species of all the country and 2 interpretative footpaths:

– Gorge Jorquera, 874,89 yards, crosses the slope of North solar that presents 3 noticeable atmospheres;

-Aliwen Mahuida, 2.187,23 yards, goes by the slope of South, between cinnamon-coloured, lingues and a vegetation community of average slope.

Flora and Fauna at the Rio Clarillo National Reserve

This reserve is characterized for being the last refuge of the esclerófilo forest (leaf lasts) in the central zone. This type of forest is formed mainly by species like peumo, litre, lun and quillayes. Between the birds that inhabit the zone of Rio Clarillo National Reserve, it emphasizes torcaza, endangered bird whichhas only the reserve as its refuge. Another endangered species is the Chilean iguana that at first seems a supercharged small lizard.

Rio Clarillo Historical Background

Evidences of occupations of sedentary type are to the interior of Rio Clarillo National Reserve, mainly in eaves and rocky shelters. As well, history, traditions, legend and folklore of the commune of Pirque, turn a zone of great wealth and interest. The towns of El Principal, the Arcaya and San Juan contain historical and cultural evidences of great relevance in the communal context.

Clarillo river located in Rio Clarillo National Reserve, Chile.

Clarillo river located in Rio Clarillo National Reserve, Chile.

Access to Rio Clarillo National Reserve

In order to leave Santiago towards Rio Clarillo National Reserve take by Vicuña Mackenna Avenue towards the south. When arriving at Puente Alto the avenue changes of name to Concha and Toro Avenue continue until it finishes in a  T shaped crossing. Is necessary to turn to right and to continue by about 1,24 miles where the deflection towards the reserve is signalized, towards the Main sector. To follow the signaling towards Rio Clarillo National Reserve.

Its main attractiveness is the Clarillo River, which supplies of water to the near communes of Pirque and Puente Alto.

Rio Clarillo National Reserve offers to its visitors a good opportunity of encounter with the nature. Here it is possible to make: hiking, photographs, mountain cycling, cavalcades, baths in a clear water river, observation of fauna and flora of the central zone, long walks of environmental interpretation and archaeological observation. The months of November, December, January and February has the greater affluence of visitors. Rio Clarillo National Reserve is open all the year; of December to March of 8:30 to 19 hours; between April to November of 8:30 to 18 hours. There is area of picnic. The value of the entrance is of $2,500, for children and elderly people $700.

** Information related to Hours, Rates and Dates might change without any previous notice **