El Quisco

Beach in El Quisco, near Santiago

Beach in El Quisco, near Santiago

El Quisco is located at 2.4 miles south of Algarrobo, and it’s connected to it by the coastal route that runs along an avenue of eucalyptus trees that reaches the El Quisco beach.

The resort has two well defined areas: North and South, being the South Quisco the most active, where we find the social and urban center. Its beach is pretty and quite. It has a Yacht Club, a fisherman’s creek and a pedestrian walk along the entire beach. The commercial area is close to the highway, where the Municipality and lodging places are located. There’s a parking fee at the beaches of $300 each half an hour, and at downtown streets is $150.

El Quisco was born in the 1930’s when the neighboring ranches were parceled, and it became a Municipality in 1956. After a beach day, make a trip on the oceanside road or go up the peninsula, where there’s a viewpoint. In the night, the resort becomes a summer night center. The resort is headquarters of international meetings for submarine fishing and pentathlon; it’s much visited by fans of nautical sports.

Nearby sites:

Punta de Tralca, that means that makes noise, is located 1.8 miles to the south of El Quisco. It’s a headland and a famous beach since it belonged to the Seminary of Santiago and since religious retirements, important work meetings and political encounters take place in its big house. This point is a rocky formation whose vertical stones are used for practicing free climbing. Actually, a big area of the peninsula has been parceled with the goal of creating a seaside resort. The Punta de Tralca beach is ample with strong waves and undertow.

Punta de Tralca has access for cars and is somewhat visited during summer. In the north sector of the beach stands out the Banco Central seaside resort, a place for conventions and seminars. At the south exit are the Cantalao group of sculptures, belonging to the Neruda Foundation (Fundación Neruda), that consist of eight sculptures of granite from 6.5 to 9.8 feet of length, depicting faces realized by French sculptors in homage to Pablo Neruda. It’s situated over a plateau with a beautiful view to the ocean, where the poet had a small viewpoint-studio. Admission is free. Bordering the ocean are the communities of Los Chaguales, Challamillay and Huallilemu, blending with the landscape, with low constructions of wood and great brightness, that concentrates intellectuals and artists in its particular style.

At 4.9 miles from Punta de Tralca towards the West, on a paved road, there’s the El Totoral. There are tours offered in town to visit the church, museum and ostrich breeding places. You will also be able to have lunch and taste typical liquors.

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