Sunset in Quientero, Chile

Sunset in Quintero, Chile

Quintero counts with 16 beaches, which are its main attractive.

Quintero owes its name to Alonso Quintero, a pilot of Diego de Almagro, who discovered it by the end of 1536. The bay was visited by the English corsair Tomás Cavendish in 1587, which ended up in a skirmish against the Spanish troops, losing Cavendish twelve men. During the Colony, these lands were a large ranch acquired around 1820 by Lord Cochrane, who spent long periods here. In this place he wrote his farewell manifest from Chile, and printed it using a lithographic press (the first one installed in the country). María Graham was staying at Cochrane’s residence for the 1822 earthquake, and she wrote in her book “Diario de mi residencia en Chile” (Dairy about my residence in Chile), an impressive recount of it.

The creator of the port and the seaside resort of Quintero was the businessman Luis Cousiño, who designed the town plan and promoted the construction of the railroad, financed with his own capital and from other private parties, who in exchange received lands in the port. His sudden death paralyzed the construction works for some years. Today is a thriving resort.

Quintero in Chile

Quintero in Chile

The beaches Loncura and Ritoque are good for fishing on the shore. Ritoque, of 7.4 miles of length, is also good for practicing surf; at the beach’s entry is the Ritoque Club (Club Ritoque), where boards can be rented and surf classes are offered. There’s a charge of $1,000 for parking. At the Albatros beach (playa Albatros) horses can be rented or trips on carts called “Metro Car” can be taken.

Quintero counts with the third most important yacht club in the central coast, where yachting, windsurf, aquatic ski and diving can be practiced with the assistance of instructors; there’s equipment available for rent. For rowing or fishing there are boats available for rent in the dock.

At 0.62 miles into the ocean and at 39.3 feet of depth, a submarine sanctuary was created. There’s an image o Christ with his arms extended on the Prat rock. The figure, a work of art by the artist Mario Calderón, is 13.1 feet high and it’s located in front of the Yacht Club.

At sunset, go to the El Papagayo beach (playa El Papagayo) and then enjoy a walk on the oceanside road towards the dock at El Durazno beach (playa El Durazno). You could also organize a trip in a motorboat to the “La Puntilla” that lasts about 20 minutes. The night life it’s centered on discotheques, restaurants, boats or the Yachting Club (Club de Yates).

Quintero has a municipality and the most complete urban facilities. You will find nice hotels, such as the Yachting Club, plus convenient and diverse lodging houses.

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