Cerro Castillo National Reserve

The painting hands of Cerro Castillo in Chile

The painting hands of Cerro Castillo in Chile

Cerro Castillo National Reserve it includes  179,550 hectares, in where reforestations are carried out. Near  is the  Chiguay Lagoon with park rangers and camping and picnic areas.

Close to the reserve, you arrive at a great glacial valley with beautiful rocky penitents that seem statues. Piedra del Conde stands out because its similarity to a human profile. Nearby it is the Portezuelo Ibáñez of 3.674 feet of altitude, surrounded by hills with green, gray and pink veins.

In mile 3, the  El Diablo Hill finishes in zigzag shape, with a view to the valley of the Ibáñez River that runs from west to east and is born in Volcano Hudson . To the right, the Cerro Castillo  closes the valley of 8.776 feet of height, crowned of fine rocky needles on which walls the snow can hardly attach.

Continuing through the Carretera Austral to arrive, in 4 miles, to Villa Cerro Castillo , a village founded in 1966 in one narrow rocky throat, without possibility of expand due to the Castillo mountain range  next to it. It has a small museum about the Tehuelche culture. In summer, a local customs and manners celebration is carried out with competitions related to the tasks of the stays such as to shear, castration and tames, everything culminates in a big country side barbecue.

Cerro Castillo near Austral Road in Chile

Cerro Castillo near Carretera Austral in Chile

To the   Manos de Cerro Castillo National Monument you can reach it by walk of homing guidance signalized, where it is explained geology, flora, fauna, and cultural environments of the Tehuelche populations. Ahead, you will reach a rocky eave,  where the painting of hands, one of the oldest artistic manifestation of America, developed 10 thousand years ago and that stayed until century XVII can be observed.

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