Magdalena Island National Reserve

Magdalena Island a National Park located in the Northen Patagonia of Chile

Magdalena Island a National Park located in the Northern Patagonia of Chile

Magdalena Island National Park was created in 1967, as a Forest Reserve. It is located in the Province of Aisén  in Cisnes Area . Magdalena Island was reclassified as National Park in 1983, its boundaries and present surface of 157,616 hectares, were marked in 1998. The access to the unit of Island Magdalena  is only possible by sea.

Magdalena Island National Park presents a cold tempered and rainy climate of western coast, characterized by an abundant precipitation. The annual average temperature varies between 42º Fahrenheit and 46º Fahrenheit.

The superior stratum or arboreal in Magdalena Island National Park  is conformed by the species of larger development such as Coigüe of Chiloé (Nothofagus nitida), Cinnamon (Drimys winteri), Tepa (Laurelia phillippiana), Tineo (Weinmannia trichosperma), Ciruelillo or Notro (Embothrium coccineum), female Mañio (Podocarpus nubigenus), Luma (Amomyrtus luma) and Cypress of the Guaitecas (Pilgerodendron uviferum).

In Magdalena Island National Park  the intermediate stratum or underbrush is made up of arborescence species such as the Fuinque, (Lomatia ferruginea), Arrayán (Myrceugenella apiculata), Pitra (Myrceugenella planipes), Tiaca (Caldcluvia paniculatta), and shrub species as Quila (Chusquea quila), Chilco (Fuchsia magellanica) and Tepú (Tapualia stipularis).

The inferior stratum  of Magdalena Island National Park is formed by herbaceous species, ferns, and mosses, such as Dicranopteris quadripartita, Blechnum chilensis, Gunnera chilensis, and Agrostis magellanica, among others. Plants are also important as the lianas, climbing plant and plants epitaphist that grow on the ground, the trunks and branches of trees and  shrubs, among which it is emphasized the Voqui (Hidrangea intergenima), Little Medal (Medallita) (Mitraria coccinea) and the Coicopihue (Philesia magellanica).

Respect to the fauna of Magdalena Island National Park , among the vertebrates, is the one of the birds, as much the aquatic ones as the terrestrial ones, among these can be mentioned the families Spheniscidae; (Pingüino – Penguin), Procellaridae; (Petreles), Phalacrocodacidae; (Cormoranes), Anatidae; (Ducks – Patos), Charadriidae; (Chorlos), Scolophacidae; (Playeros – Beach Birds), Laridae; (Gulls – Gaviota), Rhynocriptidae; (Tapaculos, Churrines, Chucao) Tyrannidae; (Viuditas (Widows), fiofíos), Turdidae; (Zorzales – Sly fellows). Among the Mammals, they emphasize Lutra feline; (Huillín), Lutra provocax; (Chungungo) Miocastor coipus; (Coipo), Oncyfelis guigna; (Guiña), Pudu pudu, (Pudú), Otaria flavescens; (common marine Wolf – Lobo Marino Común) and Arcthocephalus australis. (Delicate Wolf or of Two Hairs Wolf).

The unit of Magdalena Island National Park (Parque Nacional Isla Magdalena) does not count on personnel neither tourist infrastructure.

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