Pampa de Ñirehuao

Pampa Ñirehuao, near Ñirehuao River in the Chilean Patagonia

Pampa Ñirehuao, near Ñirehuao River in the Chilean Patagonia

The Pampa of Ñirehuao was  a lake on it starts. Towards the west is can be distinguished the old barrier of glacial moraine that contained it. They are more than 80 thousand hectares almost flat, covered of coironales that extend towards Argentina, those that cover it. Right there, the  Ñirehuao River is born, which channel goes to the Pacific. In Pampa of Ñirehuao  rise out some rocks of flat summit that give to the place the aspect of a lunar valley.

After crossing the valley, you  arrive, in the 47 mile,  to Baño Nuevo that was founded as a section of the  Ñirehuao ranch  of the SIA that has been  there since 1906. Its structure is a stay model.  The house and the administration stand out, with a beautiful garden and a surrounded orchard. The ranch conserves the classic structure of a Cattle Section, with bath of sheeps, cowbell to shear, corrals and houses of workers, protected of the wind by rows of trees. To the flank, it is the small villa that was created in 1969 after the stay was expropriated. Later, the cooperative of the owners was broken; in 1985, 44 thousand hectares were transferred to a new proprietor. The way continues crossing the  Ñirehuao River that runs parallel to the borderline, where you arrive in mile 54. You can cross to Argentina through the step Paso Coyte

Emperor Guillermo River

The  Emperor Guillermo River was baptized by the explorer Steffen, on January 27th, 1896, day of the birthday of the Emperor Guillermo of Germany. Then, it was an impenetrable forest but it was set fire by the pilgrims of the 1940 decade to turn it into pasturing fields. At the moment, until the height of the snow, there is only a carpet of cornales and a cemetery of fallen trunks. In more than half century, renewals have not appeared, because mother trees did not survive to be able to generate seeds.

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