Puerto Cisnes

Puerto Cisnes in Chile near the Austral Road

Puerto Cisnes in Chile near the Austral Road

Puerto Cisnes (Swans Port) is located  113 miles to the north of Puerto Aysén,  facing  the Pacific Ocean, 123 miles from Coihaique. It has around 2000 inhabitants.

Puerto Cisnes is a small town which by its privileged surroundings, offers the   chance of venturing itself in the middle of a wild landscape to develop varied outdoor activities.

It is possible to reach to Puerto Cisnes through a deflection of 20 miles that is connected with the Carretera Austral. There are terrestrial and marine transportation that communicates it with the main cities of the region.

The locality of Puerto Cisnes stands out due its ordered layout, the kindness of its inhabitants, and the handcrafted  fish leather. It counts on a completed supply of tourist services. Puerto Cisnes has varied touristic attractions for the visitor.

Puerto Cisnes located in Chilean Patagonia

Puerto Cisnes located in Chilean Patagonia

Puerto Cisnes is head of a vast insular territory, with towns of fishermen in the islands, as Puerto Gaviota and Puerto Gala, recognized just in 1999. It counts on basic services: telephone, gasoline, hotels and inns.

The coastline highway  of Puerto Cisnes borders a beautiful beach and the town is on the feet of the Cerro Claudio Gay. Visit the coastline highway  and the port. Fishing tours are organized to the  Escondido Lake and Lake Copa as well as strolls to the Cisnes River .  to There is also the chante for renting boats for tours through the bay.


(Island of the Puyes – Isla de los Puyes)

Puyuhuapi is a town that is located near the sea, to the north of Puerto Cisnes, 37 miles approximately. Puyuhuapi is characterized by its old houses of German architecture. It counts on a complete service of attention to the visitor. It is very well-known the artisan factory of carpets of Puyuhuapi.

Spas of Puyuhuapi (Termas de Puyuhuapi)

Puyuhuapi located in the Austral Road in the Chilean Patagonia

Puyuhuapi located in the Austral Road in the Chilean Patagonia

The Spas of Puyuhuapi (Termas de Puyuhuapi) are located 29 miles from Puerto Cisnes. The place offers all the comforts in the middle of a spectacular Patagonian landscape. Its name, Puyuhuapi, means “place of puyes”, which is a coveted fish  by the professionals fishers .

The  Spas of Puyuhuapi complex is located in the beautiful  Dorita of Seno Bay , the Ventisquero[1] and in the underground outcrops of Volcano Melimoyu (Volcán Melimoyu), in harmony with the nature and its original state.

The waters of the Spas of Puyuhuapi (Termas de Puyuhuapi) are recommended for the treatment of rheumatic affections and treatment of the skin and reach temperatures of 185º Fahrenheit.

La Junta

La Junta is a place located in the union of the rivers Rosselot (Río Rosselot) and Palena (Río Palena), which are excellent to practice outdoors sports. It has around 1100 inhabitants. In addition, you can practice the fishing in the  Rosselot lake and Risopatrón lake. La Junta  counts on a complete attention service for  visitors.

Puerto Raul Marín Balmaceda

Puerto Raúl Marín is located in the delta of the  Palena River, between the forest, in humid lands with little agricultural potential. It has around 300 inhabitants who dedicate themselves to the fishing and the harvesting of mollusks and pelillo, an seaweed of industrial use. The Puerto Raúl Marín counts on a complete attention service  for  visitors.

It is possible to access  the Puerto Raúl Marín sailing through the river from La Junta or by hulls, that have a weekly route from Quellón, as for example the Ferry Pincoya (Transbordador Pincoya). In addition, it counts on beaches, seafood, fishing and navigation.

Its name remembers a young deputy, whose ardent speech in the Congress of its party determined the appointment of Jorge Alessandri R. as candidate to the Presidency of the Republic and who died early because of a cardiac attack.

Gala Islands

Gala Islands   is a colorful town that arose from the necessity of the fishermen of the zone to be based in a certain place. It is reachable by sea and it is possible to practice fishing and navigation to admire the beauty of its landscapes and channels.

Gaviota Island

Gaviota Island  is a creek of fishermen to which you have access by sea and by minor vessels from Chacabuco and Puerto Cisnes.  Fishing, navigation and visit the Magdalena Island National Reserve are possible in the island.


You can access  Melimoyu only by sea from Quellón. Already in the place, it is possible to enjoy silence and absolute tranquility. You can practice fishing and contemplate its beautiful landscape.

Queulat National Park

The  Queulat National Park (154,093 hectares surface) is located  62 miles   north from Puerto Cisnes through the Carretera Austral. It is 103 miles  north from Coihaique and it is crossed in more than 24 miles by the Austral Longitudinal road, doing easier to admire its natural beauty.

Queulat National Park main attractiveness are its glaciers, rivers, and specially, the hanging ventisquero[2] Queulat,the Father García Fall , the  Risopatrón Lake, Los  Pumas Lagoon, the sector of Cuesta Queulat , Témpanos lagoon and the  Cóndor fall.

Magdalena island National Reserve

The  Magdalena island National Reserve is located within the Strait of Magellan , 21 miles from the city of  Punta Arenas. It is a wild area created in August of 1966 as National Park  and reclassified as Natural Monument (Monumento Natural) in1982.

The objective of the Natural Reserve Magdalena Island Natural Reserve is to protect the birds of the place, as penguins , cormorants, gulls . It is located one of the main Penguins place (Pinguineras) of austral Chile, whose population has been considered in 60.000 pairs of Magellan Penguins , which constitutes more than 95 percent of the Birds Fauna Biomass).

[1] Mountainous zone that accumulates show because of the wind.

[2] Mountainous zone that accumulates snow because of the wind.

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