Rosselot Lake

Rosselot Lake located in the Northen Patagonia in Chile

Rosselot Lake located in the Northen Patagonia in Chile

Rosselot Lake has an extension of 8,401 acres. Rosselot Lake is a good destination for those who practice sport fishing. The beautiful coast of Rosselot Lake is surrounded by hills with forest vegetation and beautiful waterfalls.

Rosselot Lake can be reached walking 1,640 feet, where you will need to cross fences, or by boat. You will pass by a valley where there are many small lakes, such as the Huacho, the Negro and San Carlos Lagoon. At mile 10.5 there’s a detour to the El Ensueño lodging house, located on a hill and where horse and fishing excursions are organized. Then, the valley narrows and goes into the woody plain of the Figueroa river (río Figueroa), enclosed by big stone walls with viewpoints over the river. This is an excellent area for practicing fly fishing. You can cross the Pico river and then go up towards the North by a narrow gorge covered with vegetation. This river, along with the drainage of the Verde Lake , forms the Figueroa river. Suddenly you will see a high plain opening up, formed by a small plateau where there are cattle ranches.

Close to Rosselot Lake is the Verde Lake, whose mountainous town is the capital of the commune that is mainly dedicated to cattle and forestal activities. This town formed by Chilean pioneers that came from Argentina at the beginning of the XX century, was officially founded in 1936. It counts with telephone, post office, stores, health center and police.

From the town you can appreciate the Verde Lake that it can be reached by a dirt road of 1.5 miles. The route passes by four gates, after which comes up the Pan de Azúcar Municipal Park, with a campsite and picnic area, where is possible to use small boats and practice fishing.

The Verde Lake is a good base for starting walks along old trails that get to Palena lake , Quinto river and Claro Soler lake , and to Cisne Medio and Tapera. Before doing these trips ask about the road conditions in the Municipality and also inform the Police about your itinerary.

By mid February the Lagoverdina Week is held with diverse activities and unusual competitions among the locals such as kisses under the water, minerals search, typing, cat races, the best waist, a competition only for people older than 15, among others.

From the Verde Lake you can continue to Argentina by the Las Pampas-Verde Lake pass.

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