Parrillar Lagoon National Reserve

Parrillar Lagoon National Reserve was created in 1977 and it is located to 32,31 miles south from Punta Arenas, and has a surface of 45.501,98 acres, with  an altitude between the  984,3 to 2.133  feet above sea level. Parrillar Lagoon National Reserve was created with the purpose of protecting the  river basin of the Lagoon of the same name, being the main water reserve for the city of Punta Arenas.  Parrillar Lagoon, with  a surface of 2.396,92 acres, which is surrounded by arboreal vegetation. In winter, the rivers and the lagoon freeze, especially in its shores, reaching   up to 11,81 inches thick. The accumulated snow in some sectors of Parrillar Lagoon National Reserve exceeds the 5.58 feet. Esteem that the maximum temperature  is 12° C and the minimum average is  -3° C.

The vegetation in Parrillar Lagoon National Reserve is represented by the Forest Magallánian Deciduo (Lenga), shrub and Herbaceous Layers. In addition it is possible to find a great variety of mammals and birds like the Gray Fox, Culpeo Fox, Puma, Woolly Ratoncito, Small feet Lauchón; and great amount of birds: Caiquén, Avutarda, Small Duck jergón, Real Duck, Zorzal, Chincol, Loica, Chercán, Tiuque, Black Carpenter, Pitio, Condor. This area constitutes an important place where to make recreation activities in addition to its ecological importance.

The hydro system is represented mainly by the  Las Minas river.

From the 31,07 miles that separate Parrillar Lagoon National Reserve from  the city of Punta Arenas, 18,64 miles are part of  a road that leads to the south of the peninsula of Brunswick. Later it is continued by a side road that allows the access to the shores of the  lagoon.

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Laguna Parrillar near

The reserve is perfect for those who enjoy the outdoor activities, specially  the sport fishing fans, The Parrillar Lagoon National Reserve it  is a known refuge of innumerable Stream Trout which can weight over one kilogram. Fishing season goes from October 16th to March 15th and you need a fishing permit.Parrillar Lagoon National Reserve counts with a footpath of seven stations with qualified spaces, where it is possible to fish

In its route it is possible to appreciate magallenic forests, as well as different species from flora and aquatic fauna in the lagoon, besides to appreciate panoramic views of the landscape.

Trekking routes are  in the river San Juan, 37,28 miles to the south of Punta Arenas, being able to appreciate one of the most beautiful  river basins of the peninsula of Brunswick.

Parrillar Lagoon National Reserve has terrestrial access, by a road transitable great part of the year, on exception of  winter season, from July to September.

The main activities that can be made in the Reserve Lagoon Parrillar are: Sport fishing, Hiking, Picnic, flora and fauna Observation, Photography

** Information related to Hours, Rates and Dates might change without any previous notice **