Puerto Natales

Puerto Natales, is a chilean city located near Torres del Paine National Park

Puerto Natales, is a chilean city located near Torres del Paine National Park

The locality of Puerto Natales stands on a smooth slope, in the shore of the sine of Ultima Esperanza, in the surroundings of the Riesco mountain range, on the borders of Señoret channel and  front of the Andes Patagónicos mountain range. In the horizon the spiky silhouette of the Mountain range of the Andes is descried, from which  you can glimpse the Paine bulk and the  South Ice Field glacier. Puerto Natales is to 153,48 miles to the north west of Punta Arenas and to 1.928,11 miles from  Santiago, Chile capital city.

The town of Puerto Natales has around of 16 thousand inhabitants and was founded in 1911 and is the entrance point for those who wish to visit the main attractiveness of the zone: Torres del Paine National ParkMilodón  cave or  the South Ice Field glaciers .

Puerto Natales at the moment is  the administrative and commercial service center  of the intense cattle industry of the province of Ultima Esperanza. It counts with good tourist infrastructure. Counting among the highlights of the city the Casino which offers a room of slot machine, games saloon and a bar open  between 20 and 04:45 hours. In addition  you can find, a wide range of lodgings that go from four stars hotels in Puerto Natales, and for those seeking outdoor adventures a  great offer of tours in Puerto Natales as for  rent and sale of trekking equipment  are available.

Visiting the town

Visit the facilities and English style architecture of the industrial complex of the Bories Refrigerator, founded in 1913 was created to process the cattle of three great ranches of the region. We also recommend to make a stroll by its beautiful coastal road, the one that finishes in the enclosures harbor and from which you’ll be able to observe the numerous marine birds next to its shores.  Following  the Bulnes street, you’ll reach the Municipal Museum, which conserves interesting archaeological objects and referred testimonies of local history, among others, to Eberhard Captain, the Bories Refrigerator which was declared National Monument. Open to visit it Monday to Friday from 8:30 to the 12:30 hours and from 14:30 to 18 hours. Saturday and Sunday it opens from 15 to 18 hours.

Its  Square of Arms is a must in the city,  one old locomotive stands out, used in the Refrigerator of Bories Port. In its South flank the Parochial Church is located, that offers masses from Tuesday to Saturday at 19 hours; festive and Sundays to 11 and 19 hours. Near is the Municipality of Puerto Natales, which building dates from the gold time of the Magellan’s cattle ranch. It will be able to appreciate the mural that represents the history of the aónikenk and to kawéskar people.

Bories Refrigerator:

The Bories Refrigerator is located to 3,11 miles  north of Puerto Natales, bordering the Fjord of Ultima Esperanza by the coastal road. It is the main industrial complex founded in the city, in charge of the Operating Society Tierra del Fuego. It initiated its activities in 1915 to process the production of the ranch of the zone. It worked until the70 decade when it acted as of refrigerator and slaughter house. Two fires destroyed great part of the facilities, but still the houses of the administrative personnel are conserved. It was declared National Monument in 1996.

Dorotea Viewpoint:

The Carlota Viewpoint is located to 6,84 miles of Puerto Natales, of Route 9 South Is in Dorotea Mountain range that formed, approximately, 72 million years  ago and is mainly formed by sediment rocks. The viewpoint is to 656,17 yards above sea level and from there, the glacier which shaped origin the shores of Puerto Natales is observed.

Rosario Ranch

Rosario Ranch is locates in the proximities of Puerto Natales, in the Antonio Varas peninsula. Get in touch with  traditional cattle labour and typical meals . The access is through a boat that leaves from the Puerto Natales wharf and which takes 3 minutes.

The Palenque Ranch

The Palenque Ranch is 12,43 miles  south from Puerto Natales. The Palenque Ranch is a breeding site  of llamas and alpacas.

The Antonio Varas Peninsula

The Antonio Varas Peninsula is located in front of Puerto Varas to 1.596,68 yards of the Señoret Channel. At the Peninsula Antonio Varas it is possible to arrive by sea in route of 10 minutes. The Antonio Varas Peninsula has a surface of 52,82 miles. And at its edge comes the waters from the Worsley Fiord, Gulf Admiral Montt, Señoret Channel, Fjord Ultima Esperanza, Erezcano Fjord and Blue Lagoon.

Cerro Castillo

Cerro Castillo is a small town, with 400 inhabitants, which is located 35,42 miles to the northwest of Puerto Natales. Most of its villagers work in cattle related activities.

Attractive are the town’s buildings which date from beginning of XX century and which belonged to the ex- Hill Castle Ranch. In summer and spring traditional cultural activities are made.

Balmaceda Lake

The extensive Balmaceda Lake is 17,40 miles from Puerto Natales. It drains by the Hollemberg River towards the Admiral Gulf. In its borders, birds like swan of black neck, ducks, gulls, among other species can be  admired , camping on site is also permitted.

Pehoe Lake

From the Pehoe Lake it will obtain the most beautiful Vista of the Cuernos de Paine (Horns of the Paine), located in the Torres del  Paine National Park . Its waters with green color and sometimes the mountains are reflected.

Diana Lagoon

Diana Lagoon is located  19,88 miles from Puerto Natales and is a small lagoon surrounded by native forest. Sport fishing is allowed in the Diana Lagoon.

Dos Lagoons

Dos Lagoons is located 16,16 miles of Puerto Natales through Route 9 North on direction to the Torres del Paine National Park. In the place of Dos Lagoons there is wide presence of vegetation and  a wide range of  birds can be spotted. The great lagoon corresponds to the Dorotea Lagoon and, smallest, Small Lagoon.

Sofia Lagoon

The Sofia Lagoon is placed 18,64 miles to the northeast of Puerto Natales, between the Mountain range Señoret and Benítez hill, next to the Milodón cave.  During the summer the Sofía Lagoon is used like bathing beach,  perfect for nautical sports and sportive fishing.

Puerto Consuelo

Puerto Consuelo  is  4,35 miles   northwest from Puerto Natales and constitutes an historical Ranch, that began in 1893, product of the german colonization. Hernán Eberhard who had the permission for the occupying of terrain and his relatives  are still in charge of it.

Señoret Channel

The Señoret Channel  can be only access by sea, reason why it will have to consult the frequencies in Puerto Natales. The Señoret Channel is an entrance of calm water sea, in front to the Bories Port sector.

Ultima Esperanza Bay

The Ultima Esperanza Bay is the entrance of sea that communicates Puerto Natales with the  Balmaceda and Serrano glacier. It enters crossing the Passage of the Kirke and was baptized like Ultima Esperanza Bay (Last Hope) in 1557, by the navigator Juan Ladrillero.

Access only by sea, consult in Puerto Natales for the frequencies of trips.

Balmaceda Glacier

The Balmaceda Glacier is located in the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park and comprises of the South Ice Field Is a hanging glacier of 2.225,50 yards that deposits its icebergs in the Ultima Esperanza Fjord. The Balmaceda Glacier only can be visited by marine route through tours like Torres del Paine National Park Tour.

Serrano Glacier

The Serrano Glacier it is part of South Ice Field and is the glacier that hangs of Mount Balmaceda. It can come to the glacier by sea route, in excursions that are made from Puerto Natales.

Pío XI Glacier

The Glacier Pío XI is the greatest glacier of South America with 39,77 miles in length. The Glacier Pío XI is located in the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park , in the South Ice Field. Every 5 or 10 minutes loosening of ice masses of the Glacier Pío XI take place that produce great waves. It calculates that the Glacier Pío XI grows an average of 54,68 yards per day, unique rate in the world. The only way to accede to the Glacier Pío XI is by sea from Puerto Natales.

Asia Fjord

The Asia Fjord is located in the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park and is the one that communicates with the glacier of the nucleus Calvo Fjord. It has a zone of vegetation and varied fauna. Its surroundings are characterized by hills with waterfalls. There is an access only by sea from Puerto Natales.

Peel Fiord

Peel fjord is an extensive fjord within the  Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, which is characterized by its extensive prairies combined with rocky zones. The only access is possible by sea.

Calvo Fiord

The Calvo Fjord constitutes a beautiful set of glaciers known by its concentration, variety, size, color bluish white, surrounded by always green scrubs. Is in the  Bernardo O’Higgins National Park and is only possible to access by sea. The landscape of the Calvo Fjord is very particular, since falls of great ice water can be observed.

Andrew Bay

The Andrew Bay is an entrance of sea allowing the entrance to a set of glacier by a beautiful passage. The Andrew bay placed in the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park and it is only possible to reach it by sea.

Canal de Montañas

(Channel of Mountains)

Channel of Mountains is 6 hours of navigation away from Puerto Natales. Channel of Mountains is located in the  Alacalufes National Reserve and is a beautiful place where it will be able to be appreciated the characteristics of the Patagonia channels, such as fjords, bays and glacier. The Channel of Mountains has 41,01 miles length, its waters are calm and numerous vegetal species and animals inhabit there.

Figueroa Lagoon

Figueroa lagoon is located to 27,96 miles of Puerto Natales by Route 9 North. The Figueroa Lagoon is a small lagoon surrounded by vegetation where it inhabits great amount of birds. The waters of the Figueroa Lagoon are calm, reason why the sport fishing can be practiced.

Eyre Fjord

The Eyre Fjord is located in the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park and is surrounded by abundant vegetation, snow-covered hills and mountainous chains. The Eyre Fiord has a glacier that comprises of the glacier Pío XI, with an extension of 3,73 miles wide. It only can accede by sea  from Puerto Natales.

Falcon Fiord

The Falcon Fjord stands out for its unstable weather conditions and its dense landscape of forest. A great variety of birds that live in the place exists. It is difficult to approach until the fjord by the enormous icebergs that float around to it, but it is possible to appreciate from the distance. The Falcon Fjord is located in the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park and it only can accede by sea.

Exmouth Peninsula

It is the land access to the glacier Pío XI. It counts with a lot of vegetation, in which the shrubs predominate. The Exmouth Peninsula is a great site for birdwatching. It is placed within the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park and it is possible accede only by sea .

Hollemberg River

The Hollemberg River is the river that empties the Balmaceda Lake and is 14,91 miles of Puerto Natales. It ends at the Admiral Montt gulf. In the Hollemberg River, sport fishing and birdwatching are possible.

Tyndall Glacier

The Tyndall Glacier comprises of Ice Field Patagonia South and it is in the Torres del  Paine National Park. In the Tyndall Glacier is beautiful to see floating glaciers, with its singular colors and forms.

Grey Lake

The Grey Lake presents rocky formations with grayish coloration of the water. It calculates that the depth of the Grey Lake reaches the 1.640,42 feet. From the Grey Lake you can see the Paine bulk and enormous icebergs that fall to the water, in a beautiful spectacle.

Serrano Lake

The Mountain Lake is 95,07 miles from Puerto Natales and is the southwestern natural limit of the Torres del  Paine National Park. The Mountain Lake is a wonderful place for stroll and sport fishing. The Serrano Lake has 23,61 miles length in direction to Ultima Esperanza Bay from the Toro Lake. It can be access  by land or marine route.

Grey Glacier

The Grey Glacier has 7,66 yards of wide and 11,81 miles in length, it is placed in the shores of the Grey Lake. An island or nunatak in the area allows visitors to walk and approach the Grey Glacier.

Salto Grande

(Great Jump)

Great Salto is in the Paine River and is the greater water jump in the area. It drains in the Nordenskhold Lake to the The Pehoé Lake. Its surroundings characterize by rocky formation and green vegetation.

Toro Lake

The  Toro Lake is the largest lake of the region, with an extension of 3.444,45 square feet. The Toro  Lake reaches 1.049,87 feet depth and has several peninsulas and coves from which is possible to observe varied species of vegetation and animals.

Bay the Boat

The Bay the Boat placed 55,30 miles from Puerto Natales in northwest direction. The Bay the Boat is an extensive area of the shore of the Toro Lake , between great mountains. The Bay the Boat counts with camping area and services.

Aquatic stroll to the Glacier Balmaceda and Serrano

It is a section of 5 to 8.5 hrs. Set sail around the 8:30, in summer sailing next to the coast to go into in the fjord surrounded by hills and forests, where you can see sea lions resting in the rocks and hundreds of cormorants swinging their extended wings. After 3 hrs we encounter in the feet of the Balmaceda hill, with its summit is covered with eternal ice falling in colossal glacier to the sea. The boat comes near to the  Balmaceda glacier and it stops in Serrano Glacier.

Stroll to the Eberhard Fiord

A charter with departures with a minimum of 20 passengers set sail to the northeast, sailing through the Señoret channel and passing to Bories Port, to enter the Eberhard fjord, where Condor Port, Guanaco Island, Jamón peninsula, Prats Port, Los Muertos  island and the old Ranch Consuelo are visited.

Stroll to the Canal de las Montañas

A charter with departures with a minimum of 20 people sails there. The ship lines up towards the Southeastern of Puerto Natales passing through the Señoret and Valdés channels until the narrow Kirke step. In 3 or 4 hours of navigation it arrives at the fjord of Mountains, narrow, steep and surrounded by glacier and virgin native forest.

Puerto Natales travel and access

Through the Navimag ferry Puerto Montt-Puerto Natales by sea, by land through the Torres del Paine National Park Tour or the Torres del Paine Express tour, both tours depart from Punta Arenas.

Puerto Natales hotels
offer comfortable accommodation to visitors, we remind you that high season in Puerto Natales correspond to the summer season (December to March).

** Information related to Hours, Rates and Dates might change without any previous notice **