Puerto Williams

The southern city in the world: Puerto Williams

The southern city in the world: Puerto Williams

Puerto Williams is the capital of Chilean Antarctica and is placed in the North shore of  Navarino Island, bordering the Beagle Channel . Puerto Williams has around 2,500 inhabitants and it is to 186,41 miles from Punta Arenas. Puerto Williams is considered the most austral city of the world and was baptized in honor to Juan Williams, founder of the Bulnes Fort. The town of Puerto Williams counts with telephone, hostelry, airport, residential, museum and a Nautical Club in an old freighter, the Micalvi. Next to it a pretty Club of Yachts has formed, where berth worldwide navigators before initiating the passage by the Cape Horn. Standing  from a natural terrace, it is surrounded by mountains covered with forests that shelter one nourished animal life.

Visit the interesting  Martin Gusinde Museum, constructed in 1974, has a surface of more than 275,08 square yards and part of its colorful outer aspect must to the wood used, cypress of the Guaitecas. The Museum was baptized like “Martin Gusinde” (1886-1969), Austrian priest and scientist of  origin , who devoted his life to the exploration and research of the Yamanas and Selknam, people in Tierra del Fuego, between 1918 and 1924, the result of his works reunites the greater ethnographic synthesis on a world that already, in his time, was almost disappearing. His monumental work “the Indians of Tierra del Fuego” was published between 1937 and 1974 and will stay for always as the main reference which we have on the ethnic Fueguinas groups. The collection of the museum presents samples of the culture Yamana, Selk’ nam, Kawéskar and graphical samples of the natural resources and the fauna of the sector . Opens from April to September-Tuesday to Fridays from 10 to 13 hours and from 15 to 18 hours; and from October to March of Monday to Thursday from 9 to 13 hours and 15 to 18 hours; Saturday and Sunday of 15 to 18 hours, there is no entrance only a  voluntary donation.

Puerto Williams in the Southern Patagonia in Chile

Puerto Williams in the Southern Patagonia in Chile

Puerto Williams is the site of several celebrations and activities in the area: the last week of May celebrates the Glorias Navales Regatta, with the participation of Chilean and foreign competitors, June 21 the Longest Night, the last week of July the Celebration of the Snow, which allegorical celebration of 6 days with winter activities, cars and rodeos, finally in November the Anniversary of the City, with activities like regattas and rodeos.

Attractive sites near Puerto Williams:

Villa Ukika

Villa Ukika locates 1,24 miles from Puerto Williams and is considered of historic interest, since there inhabit the last descendants of the Yamana culture, who were transferred from Mejillones, Róbalo and Punta Truco, since 1953. At the moment they try to recover their language and they are dedicated to the fishing, the crafts and the construction of boats of chilote type.

Mejillones Caleta (creek)

The Mejillones Caleta is located 18,64 miles to the east of Puerto Williams and was the last indigenous redoubt of the sector inhabited by the Yamanas until 1967, when the population was transferred to Villa Ukika. There is a yamana cemetery, declared National Monument, where there are 76 tombs.

Park Etno-botanic Omora

The Park Etno-botanic Omora is located to 3,11 miles from Puerto Williams and there it is possible to be appreciated the botanical wealth and characteristics of the Yagán culture. It is oriented to visitors who please of the nature, its landscapes and the culture.

Access Puerto Williams

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