View of Tongoy Beach

View of Tongoy Beach

Tongoy is one of the most important bathing resorts of the IV Region, and it’s located over a small peninsula that goes into an ample bay. Tongoy has a population of 4.435 and it’s very visited during summer, since Tongoy has beautiful summer houses, good hotels and family lodgings and campsites next to the beach; restaurants and entertainment, besides an active yacht port and an area for nautical sports.It was installed in 1859 as a port, the copper foundry and the railroad to the mine of Tamaya, the biggest one at that time. There’s nothing left from that time, except the street design surrounding the square and their names such as Fundición, Tamaya and Barnes (metallurgic engineer). This was the work of the portentous pioneer José Tomás Urmeneta.

To see Tongoy in one trip, enter at the Av. Fundición Norte towards the oceanside avenue (costanera) that has active summer commerce. A pedestrian bridge conduces to Beach of Socos, where an access toll of $1.200 is charged per car. Next to the beach there are the best hotels and meeting places for the youth.

Bordering the peninsula by the oceanside avenue of Tongoy, among summer houses built over a white ground covered with shells, you can see the Tennis Club (Club de Tenis), with fields next to the wave breaker. Then turn to the south of the peninsula where you can see at a distance the Grande Beach and where there are the Chile Foundation (Fundación Chile) facilities, dedicated to marine research. You will pass by a church, a square and a school, reaching the house where Víctor Domingo Silva (1882-1960) was born is located, he was called “the national poet” due the social content of its work.

Go down to the fishing and yacht ports, packed with boats, where you can rent one to go on a trip. Go up on Marcelo Bachelet until the park. A viewpoint will give you a complete view of Tongoy and its surroundings.

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