China Muerta National Reserve

China Muerta National Reserve

China Muerta National Reserve

La China Muerta National Reserve was created in 1968 and is the place where the Araucaria forests are better preserved on its natural habitat. It includes a surface of 31.691,27 acres in a very irregular and scarped topography, where some hills like the Cheñe, Coyan and Allillonco stands out from the landscape.

The vegetation is composed, mainly, by species like araucaria, coigüe, lenga, cypress of mountain range and others. As far as its fauna, it is possible to find foxes, pumas, choroy, and black carpenter, among others.

The presence of many araucarias, coniferous trees that can live more than thousand years and that are protected by CONAF are the main attractive of this reserve. These forests of arboreal giants grow in neighboring zones to volcanoes. So with the Llaima or the Lonquimay as background, it becomes a outstanding scene for lovers of the nature photography.

Cavalcades and hiking can be made, described like as average difficulty. The Trafkura refuge locates by the foots of the Cheñes hill, that comprises of the China muerta forest reserve.

From this refuge you can reach the summit and other peaks of medium altitude as well as be encamped in the heat of mountain range inside the National Reserve, China Muerta, in the solitude of the old forests of pewen (araucaria araucana).

Access to La China Muerta National Reserve is through the town of Melipeuco by the old road to Galletue.


Melipeuco is a pretty town with horses tied in the streets, good cabins, lodging, restaurants, commerce and gas station.

Lagoons of matchless beauty comprise of the surroundings of Llaima volcano, located in the heart of this commune, which gives to the visitors the opportunity to make varied sport practical in the Conguillío National Park, one of most beautiful of the country.

The name of Melipeuco derives from the foundation of the town between the Peuco River and the mapuche community of Meli. It is located in a pre cordilleran zone in the Province of Cautín, distant to 60,27 miles to the northeast of Temuco. The commune was founded in January of 1981, constituting in an important factor of development of this corner section of the Araucanía.

Melipeuco is one of the three communes which were created in the zone like result of the political redistribution process. By its characteristics and pre mountain range geographic location, Melipeuco has most of its surface composed by mountainous hills and cords, with few cultivable areas.

Melipeuco has great amount of tourist resources, between which it excels the Conguillío National Park, distant to 16,78 miles of Melipeuco, is characterized because is a complete ecological system, being a privileged space for the scientific observation.

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