Rocky formation in Cobquecura shore.

Rocky formation in Cobquecura shore.

Cobquecura is a village with 1.089 inhabitants. Cobquecura is a village built over an old settlement from native fishermen. During the XIX century Cobquecura was an important wheat production centre, product which was loaded at Buchupureo.

Walk along its main street of this neat and charming village with commerce and tourist restaurants and visit the church, built with large stones. The historical centre was declared National Monument in the category of Typical Patrimonial Zone for being the best preserved in the whole region.

A few blocks from the square you will find the beach and in front of it the impressive Sea Wolves’ community Stone (Piedra de la Lobería), a set of rocks that emerge from the sea very closed to the shore. Over it there is a significant colony of sea wolves which sound can be clearly heard from the village.

Nearby Cobquecura:

Move 1.8 miles south to visit Mutre and Piedra Alta beaches, 3.6 miles to reach Taucú and 4.3 miles to La Rinconada; the last one has strangely shaped rock formations, where Huilquicura cave is situated (very deep and a place where a lot of legends have began) and attractive place from nature such as The Liles Ducks Cave, Puelche’s hole and The Arco de los Enamorados, all of them to be visited by walking. More to the south you will find Colmuyao beach (at km 16). Between Trehualemu and High Stone (Piedra Alta) exists several camping sites to stay.

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