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Collipulli downtown plaza.

Collipulli downtown plaza.

Collipulli is a town located on the surroundings of Angol in the VIII region of Bio-Bio, it has around 12.000 inhabitants. Located on a hill, it counts on a pretty municipal building and a commercial street. Collipulli is associated to the agricultural, forest activity and services. In this sense, although the grounds with agricultural capacity of use predominate, the timber activity has been gaining space in the last years.

Founded on 1867, was the penultimate of the ten forts installed by Cornelio Saavedra in the line of the Malleco. On its feet, it is the famous Viaducts of the Malleco that are impressing bridges on the deep gorge of the Malleco. The best place to observe it is the South access of the highway bridge.

Within the city:

Franciscan Convent:

The convent is located in the city of Collipulli, and emphasizes to be a religious attractive place to know inside the urban area. In addition, it is Historical Monument by the antiquity of his construction.

Malleco Railroad near Collipulli, Chile.

Malleco Railroad near Collipulli, Chile.

In the surroundings we found the Malleco Railroad Bridge where benji jumps are practiced. Declared monument of world-wide engineering by the American Society of Engineers (U.S.A.) in 1995, it is the most important metallic engineer installation of Chile. It has 1,336.94 feet of length and 320.21 feet of height and originally was formed by four highest towers; with cylindrical pillars in its corners crown it by drawer beams, on which the railroad runs. It was designed by Victorian Aurelio Lastarria and prefabricated like assemble by Schneider Co, de Le Creusot, in France. Its assembly delayed almost twenty months. The superior beam was armed on the ground without any scaffolding and then it was slid, with counterbalances, over the head of the towers. Inaugurated in 1890 by the President J. M. Balmaceda, this project was framed within the effective policy occupation of the Araucanía made by the Chilean State. A plaque in the North head of the bridge it remembers the President Balmaceda. In the decade of 1920 it was reinforced with two new towers and diagonals between the beam and the towers, to support the weight of the Mikado locomotives.

Access is by the highway 5 south, like by the old way that communicates the city of Collipulli with the sector under Malleco.

Nearby Attractions:

Malleco National Reserve, Chile.

Malleco National Reserve, Chile.

Malleco National Reserve, depending of CONAF,  is the oldest unit of Protected Wild Areas,  of the country as also in Latin America,  created in 1907. Is located to 46,60 miles from Collipulli by the route to Pemehue, occupying a surface of 41.081,27 acres,.

On the Eastern end of the Collipulli commune we may find the Spas of Pemehue, composed by alkaline isothermals waters, which flow to 37 degrees C. In the sector there are also other isolated slopes with slightly lower temperatures to the previous one, but with equal characteristics of quality.

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