Ñuble National Reserve

Ñuble National Reserve located in the South of Chile.

Ñuble National Reserve located in the South of Chile.

Administered by CONAF, it includes the mountain range border area between Chillán volcano and the North shore of the Lagoon of the Laja (Laguna del Laja). In the entrance, next to the Diguillín river (Rio Diguillin) and with magnificent views, summits and forests of height, is a day-care center and office where is provided information of its resources, sectors and footpaths. From this place, the footpath, now escarped of medium difficulty to high, crosses the first mountain range cord, place where its inhabits are one of the last populations of huemul in the central zone of Chile. After three miles, you arrive at Beautiful Valley (Valle Hermoso), with another day-care center of CONAF where the Huemul project is administered, because this area is habitat of this species. From this point, the footpath follows other twelve miles through flat sectors and of low vegetation, with views to Antuco Volcano (Volcán Antuco); passing through the jump of the Egg (Salto del Blanquillo) and the Polcura river (Rio Polcura) to arrive at the Sector the Peucos (Sector Los Peucos), here, you find the Environmental Information center (Centro de Información Ambiental), camping, rustic refuge and a source of thermal water prepared in five individual bathtubs. This it is the departure point of diverse footpaths of excursion:

Footpath River the Peucos – the Poza – Polcura River

Duration: four hours. It crosses these shores atmospheres.

Footpath the Peucos – Jumps the White (Sendero Los Peucos – Saltos El Blanquillo) duration: six hours. The Peucos (Los Peucos) follows the river until High Mountain (Monte Alto). It can be observed flora and fauna in wooded atmospheres and the jump the White (Salto El Blanquillo).

Footpath the Peucos – The Eagles (Sendero Los Peucos – Las Aguilas). Duration: 12 hours. It goes through wooded sectors and sides of mountain range hills until the valley of the Eagles (Valle de Las Aguilas).

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