(Place of paunchy hills)

Ancud located in the Big Island of Chiloe

Ancud located in the Big Island of Chiloe

The city of Ancud is located in the northeast end of the  Chiloé Island, at 689 miles of Santiago and 55.9 miles to the south of the city of Puerto Montt. Ancud is one of the most beautiful and better equipped cities of the islet with a population of about 40,000 inhabitants.

Its maritime rainy climate has favored the development of the touristic  activity in Ancud, which is oriented to exploit its natural attractions. Among these, stand out the beaches of Ancud, where nautical sports, fishing and diving can be practiced.

The economy of the city of Ancud has been based for a long time on the agriculture of potatoes, the timber industry, and the current oyster cultivation and salmon breeding.

In Ancud, the narrow commercial streets, squares and oceanside roads embellish its environs. The architectonic style from Chiloé of wood small tiles is combined with modern buildings.

We recommend you in Ancud: to see the San Antonio Fort that was built in 1770 over an esplanade protected by cannons that dominated the entry of the port. Here flapped the last Spanish flag in Chiloé, in 1826, and the penultimate of South America; six days after El Callao surrendered in Peru. You can’t miss the Huaihuén Hill Viewpoint, which allows having an wide view of the city. In front is the Chacao channel, with the Cochinos islet and, further, the continent with its beaches, cliffs and the creek of Carelmapu . To the north of the coast, Maullín with its rocky places and Doña Sebastiana and Horcones islets can be seen. You can also see at a distance the Coronados Gulf. To the left there are the points Agüi and Corona, with its castle and battery ruins. Continue on the road towards the East until reaching a second viewpoint, where you will able to see the bay of the Pudeto river, with its big bridges, fishing pier and yachts.

A must see in your visit to Ancud is the Blue Museum of the Island of Chiloé that exhibits in beautiful rooms and two open patios the cultural reality of the archipelago.

Ancud city in the South of Chile

Ancud city in the South of Chile

It counts with two ethnographic rooms, with interactive spaces, where the culture and history of the people from Chiloé is exhibited through their cultural manifestations such as religious images and crafts. In one of its patios there are wood objects related to the labors in the island and a real size replica of the schooner “Ancud”, which took possession of the Magellanic Strait in 1843; the other patio is about mythology. In both spaces handcrafted souvenirs can be purchased.

You must also see the Ancud market (mercado de Ancud), with its sea products and cancagua (sandy stone) chimneys. These can be delivered to Santiago through a local bus company. Also visit the Catedral and San Francisco churches.

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