Coñaripe located in the South of Chile

Coñaripe located in the South of Chile

Coñaripe acts like an active services center for the mapuches communities who live in the nearby area. Its name means “Footpath of soldier” in mapudungum. It is located to 19,88 miles from Panguipulli, and 13,05 miles of Lican Ray, and has around 1,253 inhabitants. Coñaripe is concurred resort during the summer season.

The town of Coñaripe has a nourished commerce, beautiful summering houses, tourism information office in the square, restaurants and camping, located in the splendid coastal road of almost 1,86 miles of extension.

Next to the beautiful beach of Coñaripe and all the way through the coastal road, there is beautiful coniferous forest.

Coñaripe Hot Springs

Coñaripe main street, near the Hot Springs

Coñaripe main street, near the Hot Springs

The Coñaripe Hot Springs are located on the way to Liquiñe, 22,99 miles of Lican Ray, 754,59 feet above sea level. The Coñaripe Hot Springs are a thermal center inaugurated in 1991 in constant development. Open throughout the year.

The waters of the Coñaripe Hot Springs are recommended for the treatment of the skin diseases, sciatic, rheumatism and lumbago, in general for the affections of the nervous system, with temperatures of 39º to 42º C.

The Coñaripe Hot Springs count with a roofed on thermal swimming pool with hydro massage, 4 outdoors thermal swimming pools, private baths with hydro massage, cafeteria and restaurant, hotel and cabins, room of games and farm fish that serves like supplier of exquisite trout and salmons that are the specialty of the house, the delight of the visitors and passengers of this tourist complex.

In order to enter Coñaripe Hot Springs an entrance fee must be paid, this gives right to access all the facilities and swimming pools of the complex.

From the Coñaripe Hot Springs comes a rough way of 1,24 miles, that pass through a ranch and arrives at the shore of the Pellaifa lake, of 1.606,18 acres, flanked by high mountains. In its riverside dry trees covered by the water can see it. The water level increased due to a ground sliding happened during the 1960 earthquake.

From Lican Ray to the Coñaripe Hot Springs continues by the paved way to Coñaripe, located in km 21. Go throw by the valley arriving later, in km 26, to the Ecological Center Llancahué Island, with cabins and camping in a river’s island. Then go up the Añiques slope, with a wonderful Vista to the Pellaifa Lake. At the end of the downhill, in km 37, you reach the Spas De Coñaripe, to the right side, to an altitude of 754,59 feet.

Passed the Coñaripe Hot Springs, the stroll can continue through the inner valley, where you have great views: to the north it is Villarrica volcano and, to the south, the Choshuenco. In km 41 there is a crossing; follow right. At these valleys a strong contingent of mapuche population arrived, expelled from Argentina in 1883. They have developed a characteristic crafts, the wood set of dishes of raulí, using the ax as tool. Stop in one of the many stands selling the products on the side of the road.

In km 49 you will arrive at the Liquiñe town, which means “tears eyes”. It has 939 inhabitants. Liquiñe is a farmer mapuche town that 1,86 miles of extension by a lateral escarping. At the entrance of the town, by hand left, is the Rio Liquiñe Spas, located to 787,40 feet of altitude. Located next to the river, the Spas of Rio Liquiñe has a great swimming pool of 49 * 98,43 feet, approximately 45º Cs, renewed in permanent way with water to 80º C. its properties are derived from the high iron indices, copper, aluminum, lithium, sodium, potassium, soda water and sulfur, which makes recommendable to alleviate the rheumatism, affections of the nervous system and skin diseases.

The place of the Spas of Liquiñe River has cabins with hydro massage thermal bathtubs, a good restaurant, massages services, tours and rent of horses. It is open all the year from 8am to 22 hours. The entrance to the swimming pool has a cost of $4,000 and $2.000 for children.

Inside the town, by right hand is the Liquiñe Spas. The Liquiñe Spas counts with hostelry and cabins, in its rooms all of it has thermal bathtub. In addition, in the Liquiñe Spas there are swimming pools for adults and another one for children, in the middle of a small native forest. The Liquiñe Spas belong to the Navy and are opens to the public for the whole. It is open every day of the year from December to March, 8am to 20:30 hours; from April to November, 8am to 18 hours. The access to the swimming pool is of $3,000, and for the children $2.000.

Coñaripe Hot Spring in Coñaripe, Chile

Coñaripe Hot Spring in Coñaripe, Chile

In the Liquiñe area, there are other spas, of simple infrastructure but surrounded with incredible nature. In front of this are: Spas of Trafimán, located in the town. Also near of Liñique, are the Manquecura Spas with an offer that includes a rustic swimming pool, bathtubs and restaurant, located to 2,49 miles by a regular conditions way, better for high vehicles, and the Spas of Punulat with thermal swimming pool and camping.

From the town of Liñique it comes a way that goes to the border position, in km 18. 3,11 miles. More ahead, is arrived at the border with Argentina, in the Carirriñe pass; that it is taken care of by Customs officers, from 8am to 21 hours, depending on the climatic conditions. It does not count with International Police. In order to leave the country a safe-conduct is required which is obtained in your origin place or the International Police of Valdivia or Villarrica.

From the Líquiñe Spas come back 4,97 miles to the intersection, which it leaves the way to the south in the km 57. Turn to the left. You will cross the bridge on the beautiful Cuacua River that crosses thousand curves by a flat valley. Later the most beautiful section comes: the way, recommendable for vehicles of double traction, go uphill, with views to the river and the forest. More ahead overcomes for the small Neltume Lake.

In km 74 you will reach the way between Choshuenco, located to 5,59 miles of distance, and Fuy Port that is to 8,08 miles.

Near attractive places

Pellaifa Lake

(Place where frost appears )

The beautiful Pellaifa Lake is 3,11 miles from the Calafquén lake. In its Eastern South shore there are beaches, although there are no basic service available in the area. It is located in 1.606,18 acres, flanked by high mountains. In its shore you can see dry trees covered by the water, which level increased due to ground sliding happened during the 1960 earthquake.

Panguipulli Lake

(Land of lions)

The Panguipulli Lake near to the pre – mountain range, 41,01 miles of Lican Ray, is surrounded by leafy forests. Its total surface is approximately 72,08 miles square. The city of Panguipulli is an urban center and stands as main access to the denominated area of the 7 lakes.

The Panguipulli Lake has a surface 23.227,91 acres, and it is to an altitude of 426,51 feet. It is largest and perhaps the most beautiful among the seven lakes. In its west shore there is a glacier moraine area, low and waved, with excellent agricultural ground. Towards the mountain range, the steep mountain is covered with forest, which makes difficult pass. The coastal route, allows the access to the south of the lake, where its water-drainage, was just opened in the 1980 decade.

Calafquen Lake

(Lake like sea)

The main attractiveness of the Calafquen Lake of 75,19 miles square. Its waters are a great site for sport fishing. In addition it has excellent beaches and lodging options. In order to arrive at the Calafquen lake, take the road by the riverside of the Panguipulli lake until arriving at the crossing of the Panguipulli city, in km 203. From Lican Ray. turn to the left and, after 0,62 miles, turns to the right. In km 212 it will arrive at Calafquén. Calafquén is a bay of recent formation, with a beautiful beach and pretty houses of summering, but without any tourist facilities.

Spas of Liquiñe

(Tears Eyes)

The Spas of Liquiñe are placed within a small town in the pre mountain range of the X region of the Lakes. Liquiñe is in the valley of the river of the same name, near the Pellaifa, Calafquén and Neltume lakes, 34,18 miles from the town of Lican Ray and 44,74 miles to the Southeast of the Panguipulli city.

The waters of the Liquiñe Spas are very hot, hyper thermal, and flow to near temperatures of 80º C, the swimming pools’s waters are adjusted to make it more tolerable and pleasant, . The waters are of oligo metallic, silicified, calcified and litinadas type, is to say with lithium, presence of iron, potassium, sodium, silicon and sulfur, among other minerals. This water are recommended to relief the cardiovascular disorders, rheumatic diseases, problems of the skin, bronchial affections and gynecological upheavals.

The waters of the Spas of Liquiñe present contraindications in cases of coronary diseases, collagen problems, arthritis of psoriatic type, serious cardiac insufficiency, embolias and pregnancy.

In the surroundings, sport fishing, cavalcade, nature photography, trekking, the fauna and flora sighting are possible.

If you have time and count with your own vehicle, it is possible to combine stays in the spas with a Lican Ray or Coñaripe visit, to enjoy its beaches or to make an excursion to one of the beautiful lakes that are in the area.

Neltume Lake


It has 2.199,24 acres. Beaches are apt for swimming and camping. Prefer the exit by the north to get incredible views of the landscape.

Salto Huilo-Huilo

(Colihues new)

The Salto Huilo-Huilo is accesable through a short road that crosses a small bridge on the Fui river. The rivers flows at great speed between rocks by 32,81 feet wide passage and then falls forming an astonishing waterfall. Through footpaths – be careful with the children- you can reach into viewpoints to fully enjoy the spectacle.

Pirihueico Lake

(Water Worm)

The Pirihueico Lake counts with few beaches and there is no coastal road. The attractive sightings in this area are the native virgin forests and one ferry that connects to San Martín of the Andes in Argentina.

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