Reservation Policies


Let’s go Chile Travel Company, is the owner of all the content that is found in this Web site, which is protected by the laws on Intellectual Property (Copyright) in force in Chile and Abroad. For such reason, it is reserved the right to make all the changes in this Web site without previous warning.

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All the information provided in this Web site, has been given by internal and external sources and they are in constant modification and updated as well. That’s why it is probable that some of the services or other information is NOT completely updated.

All the commercial information, as well as published fares and values are subjects to be changed without previous warning, reason why they are confirmed at the time of receiving confirmation of such through a letter via email. It is responsibility of the consumer or client inquiring in each case about the terms and conditions of sale and services, those that are indicated at the time of asking for a reserve or service, and confirmed at the time of receiving the confirmation of all the required services.

All the services that are offered in this site are restrained to the terms and conditions that in each case is indicated, reason why will be your duty to exhaustive read and to review this information in each case.

Let’s go Chile Travel Company S.A. reserves the right to change this Agreement at any time change to this Agreement by means of the revision of the terms and conditions that are written here. The Client is responsible to review these terms and conditions periodically. The continuous use of this Web site following any of these changes constitutes that the Client accepts such changes.

For all the legal effects, Let’s go Chile Travel Company S.A. it is located in:
Av. Ossa nº2314  – Santiago, Chile.
Telephone (56 2)  2278605


All personal information provided by the users, clients, passengers and navigators of this Web site are considered as personal character data and their use only limits confirmation of reserves and other information given to the suppliers for the correct delivery of the requested services.

We understand as personal data a:

  • Complete name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number
  • Private Address
  • Business Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email address
  • Credit Card Number
  • Type of Credit card
  • Driver’s Licence Number
  • Other personal data not specified

The personal data are used to assure that the reserves of services are made in a proper way, in addition to the possibility of warning regarding the possible changes of last hour in their plan of trip or any other information that is important to make these reserves.

The only way of compilation of personal information that our Company has, is through the requests of reserve and others. The same is also a source of information for us, with the purpose of improving our services and our content. Our company does not sell, does not buy neither shares personal information of any type with some other company, except, obviously, in the case of which they require this information with the purpose of assuring reserves services.


The fares and values published in our Web site correspond to the list prices given by the different services suppliers and applicable to which directly commercialize through this Web page. Therefore, such prices as well as conditions and values could be changed freely, without previous warning on the website, but will be properfly informed at the time of reservation and confirmation.

Given the nature of its services, Let’s go Chile Travel Company reserves the right to accept or to reject any request of reserve, consultation of services, etc., which is made by any passenger, natural or legal person without previous warning.

Let’s go Chile Travel Company is located in  Av. Ossa nº2314  in the city of Santiago, Chile. It is an intermediary Company between passengers or clients and the lending services of tourism companies indicated. Because of the matters previously exposed , it doesn’t have neither control nor responsibility for some negligences or omissions that these companies or enterprises could make. It is understood with the previous explanation, that it is not responsible neither by losses, delays, accidents or any other type of deficiency or omission, negligence or irresponsibility that are generated by some of the Companies that grant the services of tourism which they are indicated in this Web site, or by people contracted by the same ones. It is not responsible also for acts of God, vandalism, governmental strikes, wars, actions, climatic conditions or any other type of factor that implies originating additional expenses of delays changes of itineraries or other causes.

Modes of payment

The payments of the services are made through the following forms. Depending on the type of service and supplier:

  • Charge to Credit card.
  • Direct payment to the Operator.
  • Deposit in Current Account of the Company with seat in Santiago, Chile and in New York.
  • Banking Transference.

Policies and Positions by Cancellations

All Cancellation of a service or services must be made through a letter sent via email. Depending on the date in which it is made this cancellation will depend on the total amount that will be applied as charge by cancellation. And on the other hand, it also depends on the type of service that is being annulled.

Whenever you ask for a reserve through us and it is confirmed, you will be informed at that moment about the conditions and the amounts that will be required in the case of being made a cancellation. The conditions and policies of cancellation are accepted at the time you asked for the reserve since you before sending this request, you had read about the amounts and conditions that would be requested in case of an annulment. We invited you to make this reading with the purpose of avoiding later differences.

Conditions of Sale

At the time of asking for a reserve of services of Chile hotels services, tours, flights, Chile rent a car, cruises, Chile ski, etc., a mail will be sent to you confirming the reception of this request.

Once confirmed the reserve, a mail with corresponding voucher is sent to you, in case the services whose total amount is of less of USS 200.

If the total amount of the reserve ascends to a greater value to USS 200, then, it will be asked for a Letter of Position Authority, the one that will have to be completed and to be sent by who makes the payment of the services.

It is important to remember to the person that all the fares that are indicated in this Web site can undergo modifications without previous warning. And they are of exclusive responsibility of those who provide these services.

Nevertheless, once you receive the confirmation and voucher of these services does NOT exist change some of the prices.

All the general reserves and conditions of Sales are handled through our company Let’s go Chile Travel Company S.A… Our data are:

  • Address: Av. Ossa nº2314 Santiago, Chile.
  • Telephone: +56-2 2278605
  • Zip Code: 7850054
  • Email address:

Use of the credit card

The number of the Credit Card is always asked for the guarantee of the reserve of the services. In case of accepting the conditions of the reserve, always the person that has given these data of the Credit card, is informed into when it will be loaded the amount of the reserve and the total amount to load itself.

A sale policy exists that it indicates that only in amounts over USS 200 there will be asked for a Letter of Authority of Position Any other smaller amount to the before indicated amount  will not be required this letter. And therefore it is understood as accepted and read all the conditions of sale, use of credit cards, and other information.