Last Update: August 21st, 2016
Portillo Ski Resort Portillo Ski Resort

Placed near Santiago, among the Chile ski resorts is the one that still kepts its secrets and wonders
from those who doesn’t know it, but if you get to know it, you’ll never go to other ski resort.

Valle Nevado Ski Resort Valle Nevado Ski Resort

Enjoy Chile Ski at it best in Valle Nevado, astonishing mountains and the best skiing conditions for Professionals and amateur skiers.

Farellones Farellones

One of the traditional Chile Ski resorts, Farellones has skiing facilities specially thought for families, enjoy the warmth of Farellones in the cold of the Andes Mountains.

Termas de Chillan Ski Center Termas de Chillan Ski Center

Pines, snow, wild life and add the incredible Chile ski resort of Termas del Chillán then you have the best ski resort. You can ski or enjoy the thermal baths and therapeutical treatment at the spa, it is all about the best alternatives.