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Farellones and Colorado, with 7.972,44 up to 10.935,04 feet of altitude is located to 19,88 miles of Santiago, by the road of the Mapocho gorges. It is a winter centre formed by two interconnected villages, each one with hotels and refuges. Its height and location allow to this ski center to be the most popular centre next to the capital.

As far as the present infrastructure in Colorado and Farellones, there are small hotels and departments in rents. The culinary supply is varied: in the El Parador building there is a supermarket with fast food.

As far as the infrastructure of the tracks of Farellones and Colorado, the ski field is of 24,85 mi, with 62 tracks: 11 for beginners, 6 intermediate, 33 advanced and 12 for experts. The longest track is of 2.67 mi and all of them are maintained with mechanized equipment. It counts with 18 ferry cables: 1 double tele-chair, 3 tele- chair triple, 12 ferry cables of drag and 2 for children, which cover a distance of 17,12 yard. In addition, have 13 modern machines to make snow.

In order to arrive at Farellones and the Colorado you have to follow by the Farellones way, from Monday to Friday without restriction. The weekends, the ascent is of 8 to 14 hours and slope of 14 to 20 hours. Control of Customs officers in the Hermita sector. Occasionally are demands chains, those that are rented in the same place.

The centre of Farellones and Colorado is the center with greater hotel diversity supply and the lowest prices.

Those were years of great effort for those pioneering this activity and, consequently, one of these men, Antonio Padrós, succeeded in opening one of Farellones’ first hotels, Posada de Farellones, which some years later received the royal visit of the Duchess of Kent, for whom a great mountain luncheon was prepared.

Eventually, this village became a popular destination for skiers as the first ski lift was built on Farellones’ slopes, a place that would later become the renowned El Colorado – Farellones Ski Resort, the largest in South America.

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