Chilean Slang


As it may have happen to a lot of tourist, the Chileans don’t always talk in a way everybody can understand, leaving them thinking “what the hell did he say” most of the times. That’s why we offer you the ultimate dictionary for the tourist so you can understand every single word that came out of their mouth. Hope to hear you speaking like this pretty soon… Enjoy the Chilean underworld!


Aburrida: Bored

Being completely bored.

Agarrón: To feel

Is the act of touching private parts of the body in a passion capture. This may happen with or without permission.

Al tiro – Al toque: Right now

It means you are going to do something right away, in just a moment.


Commonly use to describe a person who can do almost everything and deal with the worst conditions without even complain. The perfect travel companion.

Auspicio: Sponsor

To have auspicio means to have money or to have a benefactor that provides something. Like a sponsor.



Used to describe a party, a joyful meeting, or a dance.

Bajón: Hungry

Being hungry after a party or after smoking a joint.

Bakan: Great

It means something is great, wonderful even.

Ex: Qué bakán el auto! (oh, what a great car)

Barsa: Shameless

This is for people that does not have shame. This people usually don`t care about anything, and loves to trespass limits.

Buena Onda:

When you can feel the good vibes.

Borracho: Drunk

The typical drunk.

Brígido: Dangerous

When some places are dangerous you call them that. It also means someone is dangerous too.

Bruja: Girlfriend – Wife

This is how guys call their women – girlfriend or wife – when they set their rules.


Cachai: See?

Is used to emphasize a point. When you are telling a story you use this to highlight a fact. See?

Cabros: Boys

This is used to refer to children or young man.

Cabro Chico: Kid

This is how young people refers to even younger people. Also used for parents to refer their children, and also used to call immature (and possibly old) guys.

Caleta: A lot

Used to describe a lot of something.

Califa: Hot

Describes a person who`s dominate by its own basic instincts. Usually someone that thinks with his / hers genitals.

Calleuque: Shut up

It means to be quiet in a particular moment.

Camboyana: Whore

Bad way to call women, basically means this woman is a whore.


A person who believes more of him self. He thinks he´s the best and shows it with an attitude.

Carretear: To Party

Used to describe the action to party. This could be in someone`s home, on a bar, on the beach, the place is not important, only the people. This implies to drink something, to smoke, to dance, to talk… everything that makes you feel cheerful.

Chanchismo: Being a pig.

This is used to describe the act of eating without any control.This also works in cases of eating something that may hurt our stomach, or eating more that you usually do.

Chanta: Liar

This is used for people that lies a lot.

Charcha: Not so good.

Used to describe something that lacks of quality, or a negative situation as well. Like a condolence.

Ex: Qué charcha lo que le pasó a tu amiga (It’s so wrong what happened to your friend)

Chasca: Hair

Used to describe a lot of hair or a very long hair.

Chato: Tired

Again we meet a verve that means really tired. But this one also means being full, satisfied.

Choreado: Tired

Its commonly use when someone is tired to do something, to speak about something,

Chorear: To steal

Used to describe the action of stealing something.

Choro: Bad Ass

It´s a person who has no respect for anybody, nothing scares him, especially the police. Only another Choro can be a contender.

Chulo: Bad

Used to describe something poor, bad, something that lacks of quality and style.

Chupar: To drink

Is used to describe the action of drinking. (a lot!)

Colizón: Gay

Demeaning way to call a gay.

Conectarse: To connect

The act to connect to the Internet to chat. (on Messenger, Facebook, Yahoo, Skype)

Cornudo: cheated by his wife.

Means everybody knows he`s being cheated by his wife… except for him…

Córtarla: To stop

To stop annoying people with something. This something could be a guy, a particular subject, work stuff, etc.

Ex: ¡Córtala con el tema de Benjamín, me aburres! (Stop nagging with the Benjamin subject, you are boring me!)

Comadre: Gall

This is how girls call their friends. It also means gal, or women.

Compadre: Dude – Guy.

This is how guys call their friends. It also means guy. Or dude.

Copete: Drink

This is how people usually calls all the alcoholic beverages.


Dale: Ok – Sure

It means you can go ahead with an idea, and also that you agree on something.

Ex: ¿Quieres bebida? Resp: ¡Dale! (Do you want a drink? Sure!)

De más: Ok – Sure – Yes.

It means basically ok. You agree on something and also that you think its the right thing to do en some cases.

Ex: ¿Fue bueno que la fuera a dejar a su casa, verdad? Resp: De más.

(Was a good idea to leave her home? Resp: Sure!)

Drama: Fight

It means to have a verbal fight about something.


Embalado: Being in to something.

This is commonly used to describe a state of mind that involves being concentrate in something. This something could be a relationship, a work, a project, etc. And has all the attention of the person.

Emplumárselas: To go away fast.

Word to describe the act of going away but in a hurry.

Endieciochado: Drunk, happy and partying.

Because of the celebration of our Independence by September 18, people usually eat and drinks a lot. Being “endiesiochado” means someone who is still celebrating this event in a happy, joyful, or drunk way.

Enrollado: Obsessive

This word is used for people that can’t seem to stop thinking (or remembering) something in particular. It’s also used to describe the act of thinking a lot of things that have not happen yet, and believe this is real.

Estamos: We’re set.- we’re ready

It means you are ready to do something.


Filete: So good

Describes when something is really good.

Flaite: Bad-ass

It describes someone with poor education and really bad manners. Usually speaks loud, look bad, smells bad and does not have a sense of a square meter. A bother.

Fleto: Gay

Demeaning way to call a gay person

Fome: Boring

Is used to describe a situation that´s boring. A gay can be boring, a situation, a fact… anything. Even a day.

Fomingo: Sunday

Fomingo is the sum of Sunday plus boring. It means the Sunday is a boring day because everything is closed, people are tired and the hole day seems lazy.

Funar: Unmask

Used to describe the act of unmask a situation. It also means to revel a secret. Someone else´s secret.


Gallo: Suspicious Guy

This is how people call the unknown – and suspicious – guys.

Gauchá: Favor

It means to ask for a favor. (and it does not indicate the size of the favor)


This is how girls call the boys when they are cute.

Guagua: Baby

It’s used to call a baby, a new born, mostly, but is also used as an affection expression to call a boy or a girl.


It means stomach, but commonly is used to describe a stomach ache.

Ex: Me duele la guatita (My belly hurts)


Hachazo: Hang Over

This is used after a night of drinking. It feels like the head is going to split in half.

Hay Onda: Cool vibe.

This is used to describe a general situation (like a good party), the relationship between 2 persons (like a flirt) or the wardrobe of somebody that has a lot of style. In this particular case you say “su ropa tiene onda” (his clothes have a lot of style).

Hinchar: To bother

It means to bother someone with something repeatedly.

Ex: Deja de hinchar con el mismo tema porfavor. (Please stop nagging with the same subject)


Impeque: Perfect

It means “impeccable” and it’s used to describe something that feels (or look) great. Like a car, or a house. Most of the times when this something is old, used or new.


Jote /Drinks

The result of mixing wine with coca cola.

Jote: A person that enjoys to tell inappropriate things to people who does not want to hear this kind of things…

This could happen in a party, on the street, on the subway, anywhere. And the “jote” could be a man or a woman. Is like an unwanted Casanova…

Jugársela: To Gamble

It means being able to gamble on a person, on a situation. Romantically means someone who can play hard, or do difficult things in the name of love.

Jugoso: Drunken fool

Joyful character that appears after a few drinks… when the drinks are too many, this fellow may get problematic, sleepy, sad, sick, stubborn, or even happier…


La está rompiendo: It’s breaking it

A tendency, something that is really happening in all the places.Everybody`s doing it!

La lleva: It´s happening

A tendency, something that is really happening in all the places. Everybody`s doing it!

La Raja:

When something is really good, when you are having a good time.

Lela: Lesbian

Demeaning way to call a lesbian.

Lucas: Money

This is how you call the money. In singular (“luca”) it means CLP $1.000 (one thousand pesos)


Mala Onda:

When you can feel the bad vibes.

Mambo: Party

Used to describe a party, a joyful meeting, or a dance.

Manso: Big

It means something is really big.

Más rato: Later

It means in a while more. Something is going to happen but later.

Me carga: I hate it

It´s used to describe the dislike for something, this could be a person, a situation, a dress, a food, etc.

Menso: Fool

Demeaning way to call someone that has done something foolish.

Mina: Girl

That´s how you call the girls. It also means girlfriend.


Ojalá: I hope so

This is used to end a sentence and involves a wish for things to work out.


Pasable: Not good enough

Something that is not good enough. It works but is not the best. This can be used for food, a dress, a date… etc

Pastel: Idiot

Being a fool about something. This is a friendly offense.

Patota: Friends

A “patota” is a big group of friends.

Payasear: Fooling around

Used for describe the act of fooling araund.

Pega: Work

Is the word to describe a job or a quantity of work someone has to do.

Pegado: Obsessive

Being obsessed about something, still think about something that happened time ago.

Peliento: Poor

Use to describe something (or someone) cheap.

Pelolais: Cute Freak

The pelolais is part of an urban tribe. You can recognize one by the way they use their hair. Really long, natural and smooth. Mostly blond or brown.

Pelotudo: Asshole

It means being an ass, behaving like an ass, acting like an ass.

Pescar: Take note

Is used to describe the action of paying attention to someone´s sayings, acts, behavior, etc. No Pescar is the opposite. (not paying attention)

Pesado: Heavy

Basically it means a pain in the ass. Someone who makes unfortunate, harmful, comments.

Pendejo: Young people/ Asshole

This word is used commonly to describe young people, but can also being use as an insult for the immatures.

Pinguino: Schoolboy

We call them like that because the uniform makes them look like penguins. Besides there`s always a lot of them standing by the corners… so they look like that even more.

Piscola: Typical Chilean drink

This is the combination between pisco (Chilean drink) and coca cola.

Pitearse: To kill/ To destroy

It means to destroy something – like a vessel – and it´s also used to describe the killing of a person.

Pito: Joint

Marijuana cigarette.

Piropo: To flatter

It ´s when you tell someone something nice.

Ex: You look so pretty today… you´re so beautiful you make the moon jealous.

Piola: Quiet

Is used to describe a quiet ambient, a cool party, a state of mind. It means something is good but in a quiet kind of way.

Polola: Girlfriend

When you are in love with a woman you ask her to be your girlfriend, polola.

Polvo: Sex

To have casual sex. Usually in some one night adventure.

Ex: Me voy a pegar un polvo hoy (I´m going to have sex today)

Ponchera: Big Belly

When the stomach is getting big because of the drinking and eating, it´s called like that.

Ponerse: Pay for all

Describes the act pf paying for all.

Poto: Ass

Word to call the ass.

Prendido: On Fire

Someone who loves to party, all the time, every day, every hour.

Producido:A lot of production.

This is the word you use to flatter something really well. It also works for people when they take extra care for their looks.

Puchos: Smokes



Quincena: Half Month Payment

In the middle of the month, some companies offer to pay the half of the salary to who may need it.


Raja: Tired

It means being tired after a busy day (or night).

Ex: Estoy raja, me voy a acostar (I`m really tirad, i´m going to bed)

Rasca: Not so good.

This is used to describe something that isn´t that good. Possibly lacks of quality. This can be used as well for people… with the same problems.

Ratito: A while

It means something is going to take some time, but not long, just a bit.

Rica: Hot

Usually applies to beautiful, hot, sexy women.

Ex: Es rica la Cony.


Saaaale: Yeah, right…

It´s use to emphasize not to believe a word someone is saying.

Sapo: Snith

Used to describe someone who can´t keep their mouth shut. This person speacks about everything and everyone… to anyone!

Seco: Master

It`s used to describe someone`s ability to do something like an expert.

Ser Rajao: Being generous

Used to describe a person that offers to pay for everything when is their treat. Usually invites friends out and pays for whatever they want. Money is not object.

Ser yeta: Yinx

It means having really bad luck, nothing seems to work out for him self and for the people around him.

Ser un crak: Master

It means being really good al something, like a football player. When he is good, he´s a crak.

Shao: Bye

This is the word used to end a discussion. It means you have lost patience and do not want to talk about it any more.

Shopito: Beer + Joint

The combination between a shop (beer) and a joint.

Sobremesa: After lunch conversation

Chilling after lunch. This takes place on the dinning room. Sometimes involved a drink.

Super: Great

It means you agree to something. Even that you find it great in some levels.

Ex: Bueno, me parece súper tu idea (Ok, I think its a great idea)


Terrible: A lot

It means a lot of something.

Tipo: Guy

This is how men, and women calls, some unknown dude.

Tirar: To kiss / To give a ride

This could mean to kiss someone as well as give a ride.

Ex: ¿Y tiraste con ella? (did you kiss her)

Ex: ¿Me puedes tirar a mi casa? (Can you give me a ride home?)

Tincada: Having a feeling

Is used en cases where someone is having a strong feeling about something. This feeling may be good or bad, but you can´t seem to shake it out of your head.

Tomar Onces: Afternoon snack

Usually involves tea and bread or something sweet like cake or pancakes, bizquits.

Tránsfugo: Suspicious

This is the name you give to something that is not clear, or feels wrong, like a transaction or an unusual situation.

Turbio: Creepy

This is the name you give to something that is really not clear, feels wrong, like a transaction or an unusual situation. Only this time, it also feels a bit dark… clearly not right.

Tuto/ Tutito: Sleepy

Means being sleepy, wanting to take a nap.


Veranear: Summer time

Vacations usually are in the summer time, people travel to the Beach usually.

Virarse: To go away

Word to describe the act of going away.

Volao: Stoned

Is used to describe someone who´s mind is lost… this person can´t remember where are the keys, the car, his home, his wife… he´s just somewhere else. Like a stoned.

Voy Rajao: Going Fast

It means you are going realy fast. Like flying.

Ex2: Voy rajao, llegaré pronto. (I´m going really fast, i´l be there soon)


Wena: Ok – Good – Hi

It means all of the above, but is also valid as a greeting and as an approval of something.

Ex: ¡Wena! ¿Cómo estas? (Hi, how are you?)

Ex: Qué wena! (Oh, how great!)

Weón/Huevón: Dude – Asshole

This is how guys call themselves, to friends, and other guys. In the bad way it also means you are stupid or you did something wrong.

Webiar: Fool araund

It means to be busy with something: working all day, partying all day, doing something all day that requires all the attention. It also means to fool around.


Ya/Listo: Ok

It means being ready to do something. It also means to understand something.

Ex: Ya, entonces acordamos en eso / Listo, quedamos en eso. (Ok then, we are set)

Now, as you can imagine, we also have a lot of phrases that can leave anyone clueless, so we give you the ultimate dictionary for phrases too. Enjoy!


A la chucha:

Some place really far away.

A la vuelta de la rueda:

When something is really slow.

Al sobre:

Going to bed.

Andar a pata pelá:

Being barefoot. A lot of people likes to be barefoot in their home. Very common.

Andar Neura:

Being nervous.

Arriba de la pelota:

Being un top of the ball means being dizzy for having too many drinks.

A vuelo de pájaro:

In a general vision, a quick look.


Buscar la 5ta pata del gato:

Making trouble about something. Trying to find a reason for not doing something.


Caerse el carnet:

Let anyone know how old are you by saying something related to your early years.

Cagarse de la risa:

Laughing hard about something.

Care palo:

It means having no shame al all.

Chicotear los caracoles:

Used for slow people, it`s a phrase used to accelerate things.

Correr mano:

Being smart with someone and try to touch inappropriate places.


Dar la hora:

A waste of time.

Derretir el helado:

Being gay.


Echar al agua:

Unmask something.

Echarse al pollo:

Going away and not tell anyone.

Echar la corta:

To pee.

Echar la foca:

Being mad to someone and confront them.

Echarse la yegua:

Being tired. Commonly alter a day of work or a big meal.

El cuento del tio:

To trick and deceive people with a fake story.

Esa onda:

It`s an exclamation. It`s used to demonstrate surprise about something hard to believe.

Está la escoba!:

It means something is wrong, somehow everything end up in disaster.

Estar en un taco:

Being stuck by traffic.

Estar hediondo:

It means you are too old to be doing something that you really shouldn’t being doing.

Estar pato:

Having no money.

Estar pilucho:

Being undressed. Being naked.


Hacer leso:

To trick people.

Hacer Sandwich:

A week day extra alter a Holiday or a day off.

Hacerse el Ganso/ el tonto:

To play a fool.

Hacerla corta:

Doing something really fast, taking no time at all.


Irse Conejeando:

Taking a short cut.

Irse al chancho:

To cross the line.


La cacha de la espada:

It indicates redundancy

La cresta de la loma:

Some place really far away.


Mecha corta:

Someone with very little patience.

Me comería un caballo!:

Means, literaly, being so hungry that it could eat an entire horse.

Meter la Pata:

Means to srew thing up… doing something wrong

Mojarse el potito:

Getting involved in something with a Strong opinion.

Morir Pollo:

Being quiet, not say a Word. Not to tell a secret.


N: ene

It´s a lot of something.

No estoy ni ahí:

Does not care for someone or something.

No pasa na:

It means nothing is happening. This can be used to describe a borring party, a hold up situation, something that is not going to happen, etc.


Pasto Seco:

Someone with very little patience or someone who seems to agree on any idea.

Pasarlo chancho:

Having a good time.

Pasarse películas:

Imagine things.

Patear la perra:

Being angry and complain about it. A lot.

Perro muerto:

Not to pay the bill on a restaurant.

Peinar la muñeca:

Being crazy.

Picado de la araña:

Being fresh, flirty.

Pillar volando bajo:

Trick someone taking advantage of his distraction.

Pintar monos:

Try to cacht everyone´s atention by being foolish.

Piojo resucitado:

Someone who nobody seems to remember until it appears out of nowhere.

Ponerle color:

To exaggerate a situation. To be hard on the rest.

Ponte tú:

Just like that.

Por si las moscas:

Just in case…

Putear a alguien:

To fight with someone verbaly, this includes insults.


Quedar hecho bolsa:

Being good for nothing alfter a hard day.

Quedar loco:

Being surprised about something

Quedar postre:

Being really really drunk. About to pass out.

Quemar el arroz:

Being gay.


Sacarse la cresta:

To fall and injure yourself. Also means having a lot of work.

Sacar los choros del canasto:

Loosing patience.

Sepa Moya:

Expression used to describe the fact that nobody seems to know about something.

Ser entero Pollo:

Being so innocent, inexpert.

Ser un tiro al aire:

Someone who doesn´t want to settle down. Someone with no future.

Subirse por el chorro:

It means to have a lot of confidense very quickly.


Tener caña:

Being hang over.

Tener el manso diente:

Being really hungry.

Tirar el poto a las moras:

To repent from doing something.

Tener la mano:

Having a good deal, having a way to make easy something (mostly money)

Tirar la toalla:

Loose hope.

Tirar pa colina:

To repent from doing something.

Tener mala pata:

Having terrible luck, being unfortunate.

Tener un pituto:

Having a friend – in different areas, places, jobs – who can make thing easy for us. Having a considerations, special tratment.

Tirar la talla:

It means to joke about something.

Tirar pa arriba:

To stand up to adversity.


Vender la pomada:

Try to convince people.

Vestir santos:

Being too old to get married.