Top Chilean Souvenirs

If you love traveling , you have already notice how all the souvenirs are pretty much the same: mugs, keychains, plates, t-shirts, etc. Because We spent so little time in the country we are visiting, is really difficult to find something unique and beautiful, but most important something local and inspired on the country’s culture.

This is our list of unmissable Chilean souvenirs, You can find all  the products in the The Chilean Shop catalogue.

1. Hand-Woven Wall tapestry:  this type  of tapestry is made all by hand and all the colors are obtained through natural  dyes which are from barks, plants and fruits . This particular technique is from the southern areas of Chile.  Watch this video, where all the process is explained. Price: USD$140.

2. Retablo: This particular form of art has been perfected for decades in the local craftsmanship community. Most of the Retablos portrait some particular place of the city which represents the  traditional Chilean culture.This one has been made by Waldo Cabrera and you can see more of these in Price: USD$18

3. Selknam figures: Inspired on the Selknam body painting, each of these figures are unique and hand made. Crafted by Christian Araya. Price:USD$20

These are some of the crafts that you may find in Chile, if you want to find out more about Chilean souvenirs please visit