Day 1       Arica

Reception and transfer to selected Hotel in Arica. Later, in the afternoon, departure from your hotel to start an excursion to visit Arica. The main places you will visit in this excrusion are the most impressive old buildings located in the city of Arica. Some of them where designed by Gustave Eiffel, as the ex custom – house and the San Marcos Cathedral. The excursion also included a visit Morro de Arica, the Island of Alacran, and some other places. Later, free rest of the day. Return to your hotel. Accommodation.


Day 2       Arica – Azapa Valley – Socoroma – Putre

Breakfast in the Hotel. Later in the morning, transfer to visit some archaeological places near the city of Arica on the route to the Chilean Plateau and the beautiful town of Putre. The program start with an excursion to Asoagro Market. This is the largest agricultural terminal in the area of Arica. Later, the program continues to Valley of Azapa, where you will visit Cerro Sombrero and the geoglyphs located in La Tropilla. Also we will stop at the Archaeological Museum called San Miguel de Azapa, the place where there are several mummies and pre inca’s relics from 10.000 years BC. Later, continue to Valley of Lluta and time to visit the town of Poconchile, the Inca Fortress called “Pucará” de Copaquilla, and the town of Socoroma. Time free to enjoy the town. Lunch in the area. Later, continue until arriving at Putre. Excursion to visit Putre. Free rest of the day. Accommodation. (Lunch, Mineral water and dinner with Chilean Wine are included)


Day 3      Putre – Parinacota – Lake of Chungará – Putre

Breakfast in the Hotel. Later, you will start an excursion to visit Lauca National Park, where is located the town of Parinacota, and Lake of Chungara. During the excursion you will have a short excursion in the area of Las Cuevas. Later, continue to visit the highest lake in the world: Chungará Lake, full of wild flora and fauna. Later, return to Putre. The program also includes a short visit to Jurasi Hot Springs. Accommodation. (Lunch, dinner with Chilean Wine, Mineral Water are included)

Day 4      Putre – Surire – Cariquima

Breakfast in the Hotel. Later, excursion to visit two little towns located in the area: Guallatire and Ancuta. These towns are located very near Guallatire Volcano. Later, the excursion continues until arriving at Surire Salt Flat. In the area, you will have time to hike the area of Chilcaya, full of wildlife, and the most typical animal in the Salt Flat is the Flamingo. Later, continue the excursion until arriving at Polloquere Thermal Waters. Here you will have time to enjoy and relax these special hot waters, located at 4,270 mts, of over 80°C and full of minerals. The program continues until arriving at Isluga National Park. Later, continue to Cariquima. Arrive in this town and accommodation in a Hostel. Basic Accommodation there. (Box lunch, dinner, mineral water are included).


Day 5      Cariquima – Atacama Giants – Iquique

Breakfast in the hostel. Later, we will leave Cariquima to start a full program until arriving at Iquique. The first stop will be to visit Rio Grande giant cactus. Later, Mars Valley and the Gorge of Aroma. The program continues until arriving the geoglyphs of Cerro Unitas. From this place you will have the chance of visiting “El Gigante de Atacama”. Later, continue until Huara town and the famous Humberstone, Ex Nitrate Office and also Santa Laura. The program continues until arriving in Iquique. Free rest of the day. Accommodation at selected Hotel. (Lunch, Mineral waters included).


Day 6      Pintados Salt Deposit and Geogliph – Moon Valley – San Pedro

Breakfast in the Hotel. Later, we will start a program to visit the main places located between Iquique and San Pedro de Atacama. Our first stop will be in Pintados Salt Deposit, Pintados Geoglyphs. Later, the excursion continues until arriving San Pedro de Atacama Town, located at almost 500 kilometers from Iquique.  Before arriving San Pedro de Atacama, you will discover both interesting places:  Death Valley (Valle de la Muerte) and Moon Valley (Valle de La Luna).  The best time to visit Moon Valley is before sunset to enjoy where the sun disappears when night is coming.  This places is located in a Salt Mountain Range, that was formed around 20 million of years ago.  Enjoy the view and the landscapes of many different natural sculptures.  Later, continue to San Pedro de Atacama.  Arrive at selected Hotel.  Accommodation.  (Breakfast, lunch and snack are included).

Day 7      Atacama Salt Flat and Altiplanic Lagoons

Breakfast in the Hotel. Today you will visit Atacama Salt Flat, a white and rugged surface where are located Miscanti and Meñiques Lagoons, called as Altiplanic Lagoons and located over 4,500 meters above the sea level.  Apart from being one of the highlights that Chile has, Atacama Salt Flat is also one of the most important reserve of lithium.  Some geological studies, considers that this area has around the 40% of the total of lithium in the World. The program considers also to visit Chaxa Lagoon, a natural landscape full of wildlife.  In this point you will see different types of flamingoes, as the Andean and Chilean.  Also some other birds that you cann find are the Caiti and  the Andean Gull.  The reason of the presence of these birds and some others animals is that in the waters of Chaxa Lagoon we can find a special micro crustacean called Artemisa Franciscana.  This particular micro crustacean has in its organism beta carotene, the pigment that also has the beets and the carrots and the reason of the particular color of some of the birds.  During this day you will also visit Toconao Town, a little town and oasis full of fruit trees and with the typical Tower Bell that was created in 1750.  You will take the lunch in Socaire Town.  Later, the program consider to return to San Pedro de Atacama.  Accommodation there.


Day 8 Tatio Geyser and Altiplanic towns – Calama Airport

Very early in the morning, you will depart from your hotel in San Pedro de Atacama to enjoy a very different sunrise. The program start at around 04:00 in the morning and you will visit “Tatio Geyser”. In native language, Tatio means “the grandfather that cries” and, this is the third bigger geothermic field in the world, full of geisers located at around 4,300 meters above the sea level in the Andean Range. (Yellowstone in USA and Dolina Giezerov in Russia are the biggest). Water, flows at 85 Cº generating an amazing Natural spectacle with over 50 fumaroles. You´ll enjoy the breakfast in the place, take a bath in a natural pool, and watch the landscape with wild life like vicuñas, viscachas and several birds. The trip continues going through the towns of Caspana, prehispanic town that keeps ancient traditions, Chiu Chiu and Lasana, visiting the Inka Coya Lagoon, the oldest church in Chile and the fortress ruins of the Pukara from the XII century. Typical lunch in Tambo Lasana . Arrival to Calama airport at 16:45 hours approximate (Breakfast, lunch). End of our services.


Services included:

  • 1 night of accommodation in Arica, according the category selected
  • City tour through the city of Arica
  • 2 night of accommodation in Putre, according the category selected
  • 1 night of accommodation in Cariquima, according the category selected
  • 1 night of accommodation in Iquique, according the category selected
  • 2 nights of accommodation in San Pedro de Atacama according the category selected
  • Excursions, meals and entrances according the program


Services NOT included

  • Any service not indicated in the Program
  • Airline tickets



  • Rates are per passenger, according the category selected
  • Rates might change without previous notice
  • The program schedule order is subject to change without previous notice
  • We suggest you bring warm clothes, light clothes, and sun protector
  • All credit card charges are made in Chilean Pesos, according the rate exchange of the day of the charge
  • This program is NOT recommended for pregnant women, children of less than 10 years and passengers with heart problems



Rates are per passenger, according the category selected:


OptionSingle RoomDouble RoomTriple Room
Option 1U$ 5,466U$ 3,418U$ 2,708
Option 2U$ 5,476U$ 3,393U$ 2,715
Option 3U$ 5,344U$ 3,339U$ 2,668

Hotels selected

Option CategoryAricaIquiqueSan Pedro de Atacama
Option 1Arica HotelHoliday Inn IquiqueAltiplanico Hotel
Option 2Arica HotelRadisson Hotel Kimal Hotel
Option 3Arica HotelRadisson HotelLa Casa de Don Tomas


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