Moon Valley or Valle de La Luna located near San Pedro de Atacama

Moon Valley or Valle de La Luna located near San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama is an oasis located in the middle of the most dry desert in the World:  The Atacama Desert.  It’s also a place where you will find culture, mystery and beauty, and where the desert adventure begins.  Here you will feel what remote means and the program that we are offer you is one of the luxurious options you can find to visit the Atacama Desert.  The program is made by Explora Hotel, located in the Ayllú of Larache in San Pedro de Atacama, and it is a great experience, not only because of the explorations you can do, but also due to its food, comfort and service, a unique experience to your soul.

Some of the explorations:

View from Explora Hotel to San Pedro Volcano in San Pedro de Atacama

View from Explora Hotel to San Pedro Volcano in San Pedro de Atacama


Walks from 2,350 to 3,000 meters (8,200 to 9,850 feet) can be taken the first day, hikes from 3,000 to 4,000 meters (9,840 to 13,120 feet) on the second day, and from 4,000 to 5,000 meters (13,120 to 16,400 feet) on the third day.

High Mountain Climbing

Climbing high-altitude mountains and volcanoes are demanding excursions which are suitable for people who are in good physical condition. These are not permitted for people who have trouble with heights or have a heart condition.

Horseback Ridding

Horseback riding explorations have been designed for people with riding skills, who feel comfortable riding for several hours and must know how to trot and/or gallop. Explora has the finest Chilean and English saddles, leather gaiters, and helmets.

Tatio Geysers near San Pedro de Atacama

Tatio Geysers near San Pedro de Atacama


Traveling along desert trails and ridges on a mountain bike is one of Explora´s highlights. We offer the equipment that provides all the necessary comfort and safety to fully enjoy the geography of Atacama.

The Program includes:

  • Transfer between Calama Airport and Hotel de Larache. Transfer schedules subject to change without prior notice.
  • Accommodations.
  • Full board.  Meals per day. Bar.
  • Daily explorations through Atacama’s natural environment, and to the sites of pre-Columbian, colonial and contemporary cultures, offered according to program, with bilingual guides.
  • Equipment, horses, vehicles and food
  • Groups no larger than 10 passengers per guide.

3 Nights ProgramUSD 2,760USD 1,980
4 Nights ProgramUSD 3,680USD 2,640
5 Nights ProgramUSD 4,530USD 3,250
6 Nights ProgramUSD 5,370USD 3,840
8 Nights ProgramUSD 6,960USD 4,920

3 Nights ProgramUSD 2,970USD 2,190
4 Nights ProgramUSD 3,960USD 2,920
5 Nights ProgramUSD 4,900USD 3,600
6 Nights ProgramUSD 5,760USD 4,230
7 Nights ProgramUSD 6,650USD 4,830
8 Nights ProgramUSD 7,528USD 5,144

3 Nights ProgramUSD 4,170USD 3,090
4 Nights ProgramUSD 5,560USD 4,120
5 Nights ProgramUSD 6,850USD 5,070
6 Nights ProgramUSD 8,100USD 5,970
7 Nights ProgramUSD 9,310USD 6,860
8 Nights ProgramUSD 10,515USD 7,192


  • The order of the program is subject to change without previous warning.
  • The rates are subject to change without previous warning
  • Rates and programs are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Rates are per person expressed in U.S. dollars.

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