Ice for the Whisky!: My Trip to Torres del Paine

That's me!

That’s me!

I am not going to lie, I went to Chile only to be in Torres del Paine. And why there? you might ask, because I had the lifetime dream to be with my lads: Travis and Randy, drinking whisky with glacier ice.
It sounds a little bit excentric, but I saw this TV spot with the three guys fishing and drinking whisky and I thought, I really MUST do that.
Well the trip is quite long but it is worth it, we took a rental car and drove from Santiago to Puerto Montt, then we enjoy ourselves taking ferries until we got closed enough to reach Torres del Paine,
Randy decided it was better to take a tour and avoid the possibility to be the next newspaper headline of  “Gringos lost in the south of Chile”.
Torres del Paine was incredible, we took the trekking tour, which requires good trekking boots and good lungs, Travis who doesn’t like to walk and it wasn’t very pleased to walk and kept whining about why we didn’t took the horseback tour, he only got quiet when he saw the towers, we all three did.

Lago Grey

Lago Grey

The trekking last 12 hours and you stop two times along the road, until you reach to the glacier, when we got there, Randy pulled out the glasses, I took  the whisky out of my back pack and Travis got the ice, millenial ice by the way, definitly the best whisky in the rocks ever.
My recommendations for fellow whisky drinkers and trekkers: it is very windy, remember to charge an extra set of batteries for the camera and avoid any extra baggage.

Francisco Q.