Two Days at Viña del Mar

I am an IT executive for a firm in the U.S and i have been traveling through South America the last three years. Chile is one of my favorite destinations, even though i don’t get out of my hotel or meeting point as often as i’d like to. Until now i’ve been only in Santiago Chile capital city and my hotels surroundings, in my opinion seems to be the safest and neatest city in Latin America, so i thought it was a good place to invite my wife in a small vacations, and by small i mean the two days of the weekend that i am not full with business meetings.

I planned a weekend in Viña del Mar, which is the nearest coastal city from Santiago, which my friend Pedro Muñoz recommended to be romantic and safe for tourists. I picked up my wife at the airport and hire a transfer to Viña del Mar, it took 2 hours to get there, two tolls and a lot of mountains.
We arrived at lunch time so we take a short walk and tried to decided as quickly as possible for a seafood restaurant, my wife chose for a crowded place near the beach, i fully recommend  the fried congrio with french potatoes which is like a typical dish in Chile. We took the city tour and then stopped in the casino, there was a hotel in the same building, HEH my wife put her “you could choose a better hotel” face, so let me give you a word of advice, check accommodations and hotels before you get in the city, or you may get the “face” but if you do get the face anyway, probably a ride in Victorias (old horse-pulled carts) will get you out of trouble, at least worked with my wife.
Our two day vacations in Chile was great, I think next time I will invite Shannon for a full vacations in Chile, maybe rent a van or and SUV and go down south or doing a tour through the Chilean B&B.

Andy and Shannon,
Pasadena, California.