What Our Clients Say About Us

Anders Bruun

Hola. Yes I am healing. I must say I had very good medical treatment at one of the large clinics in Santiago. Of course the rest of the trip was wonderful. My daughter enjoyed it tremendously and we have agreed that we would go back some time in the future. I think next time we will spend 1 week at Valle Nevado and 1 week  in Santiago or the countryside.This was difficult to plan for you because the snow came so late but I have skiied for 47 years and the snow is never the same. In fact the delayed opening of valle nevado was a good thing because we really enjoyed Easter Island.

I particularily want to thank you because you did an absolutely amazing job of arrainging things for us All services were first class but you especially did a great job with last minute changes to take care of. This was particularily reassuring for my daughter as this was only her second trip to a country where we did not speak the language. Best regards and many thanks. Anders

July, 2011

Peter Avalon

Avalon Wine Tours

Having used your company over the past years for car rental and cell phone rental, I can say that your service is excellent, and me and my clients have always been extremely well taken care of. Delivery was always punctual, equipment was in good order and the personnel always helpful and friendly. I hope to be able to work with you for a long time to come!

Crawford Hammett, CPA, CITP


I wanted to thank you for all you did to make our travels, logistics, lodging and the like absolutely flawless.  We had a great time and I cannot remember a trip where all of our travel plans went so smoothly.  Attached is a group picture.

Thanks again and let me know if you ever need a recommendation.  You were wonderful!!!

Lindsey Newton

Hello there!
I really appreciate the information you have sent me, but I have already made alternative plans, and will be flying home sooner than planned, which doesn´t suit these dates.
I would give you an A+ grade for your efforts, you were very helpful,efficient and quick – Muchas gracias!!! :-)
Next time I come back to South America, I will be coming to Chile to stay at Inca Lodge for some great snowboarding

¡Hasta la próxima!


Frank Fogiel

Dear Ximena,

Sorry I did not come back to you earlier. I have been really busy at work cayching up after my holidays. The trip was wonderfull ! Organisation was really good…no complaints at all !. I must admit that the Bolivean and Chilean parts were probably the most amazing !

Thanks very much for everything,

John Crosby

Ximena, we had a WONDERFUL time in Patagonia, and in Vina/ Valp as well.  Well worth the expense and hassle of travel, though you were right, it’s remote!  Thank you for all your work… We thought the accomodations were more than adequate, though being at the beginning of the season may have been the reason the common areas at the hotel in the Park were VERY cold.  Blessings on you

Alan Koehler


Just arrived home last night from our South American adventure and it was outstanding! It was truly wonderful to see my name on the sign that Ricardo was holding up at the Santiago airport. He was an excellent tour guide and even more; he looked out for us always and made us feel welcomed in Chile.Your coordination of this trip was thorough, professional, and expertly performed…we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We rented two Toyota Hilux 4×4 trucks to travel the entire length of Ruta 40 Sur in Argentina. Then we proceeded to Tierra del Fuego and Torres del Paine before returning to Santiago. Andrés made sure that we had new tires to start out, because we were gone for more than 3 weeks and spent a lot of time off the pavement. The vehicles were great, and we never had any documentation problems when crossing borders.

Robert Dunyard

Muchas gracias equipo www.letsgochile.com Para nosotros también fue todo un agrado conocerte. La devolución de los servicios ya fue ingresada completamente en mi tarjeta, así es que solamente te quería agradecer por toda tu ayuda. Como te dije en Chile, todo fue para mi una novedad y pienso que nada habría sido tan lindo si tú no me hubieras ayudado. Saludos y ojalás nos podamos ver en España….

Rossana Saldaña

We’ve used Absolut Chile* for about 5 years now, for personal trips and for trips my business runs as well. We’ve mainly hired vehicles form them but have also used them for other travel services and accommodation bookings. The service has always been very efficient and friendly.

*re-branded Let’s go Chile

John Biggar

Andres Gabor’s company has consistently gone far beyond expectations in helping my daughter and I with arrangements for our 7 weeks skiing in Chile. For checking in onward, Andres proved helpful on numerous occasions, saving us with last-minute hotel reservations and other advice at times when we were having problems. Plus, he has always maintained a great spirit and good cheer. From the rental car to hotel arrangements, from booking through our entire visit, everything has been as he said it would be. And for English speakers, Andres will help with with language barriers. I’d recommend this company highly.

Tom Burroughs
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

For me, the crew at www.letsgochile.com has been our number one contact in Chile for years. Their helpful and professional attitude is what keeps our logistical concerns to a minimum whether it’s snowboarding, sightseeing or surfing Chile.

Steve Persons
Head Coach – US Alpine snowboard team